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Do YOU Capture Leads?
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Do you capture “Leads”?

This term is also known as Email Marketing. Email Marketing comes into action when you have to make a list by capturing leads of people who are interested or want more information regarding your product or services.

Many times a visitor visits and leaves your site after some time without purchasing whatever you are promoting on your site. The good is that someone visited your site but the bad is that he didn’t make any purchase over there. So, in my view that is a waste visit to your site.

Whatever, but if the purpose of the visit is not fulfilled and if you don’t even know the name of the visitor or in other words if you are unable to capture the details of the visitor for your Email Marketing campaign than that visit should be treated as waste visit. This doesn’t apply to the people who are writing blogs for the fun sake and don’t offer anything to the visitor. They do that for hobby and not for a business. So, here in our topic we will not include those blogs.

Having a mailing list for any affiliate is a must today. So, if you are serious about your business and want to get the most out of your traffic then make sure you have a capturing tools, using which you can capture some leads.

What actually are “Leads”?

If you are new to online internet marketing world then this concept can be new to you but every successful online marketer knows what exactly “lead” is and what is the importance of capturing leads. In simple word “Lead” is stored (in any form) information about person/business that contacted you for some information related to your product/services or filled/given their information to you with their consent only. Leads are generated to contact them again in future.

You might have thousands of E-mail IDs / Phone numbers with you but those will not be treated as leads if you don’t have any permission from the owners of the IDs to use. Make sure you don’t send bulk mails and if you send mails without prior permission than those mails will be treated as SPAM…

How to capture “Leads”?

There are many tools available online known as Auto Responder. Some are free and some are paid but it’s always better to use the paid one as those will provide you better services then the free ones. You just need to put a simple form on your website, offer something free or valuable (like E-book, Newsletter, or Bonus whatever you feel like) to the visitor and rests of the things are done automatically by the Auto Responder. Once you will purchase the services from any good company, they will guide you on how to put a form onto your website.

Why to capture “Leads”?

Here comes the main point. Why to capture leads? What is the need to capture leads? Well, It is said in the online world that an average it takes 7 attempts for a person to purchase anything online. There are very few who purchases product in a very first visit.

When someone is looking to buy something online, they make a search using Google or other search engines and try to find the product of their choice. They click on the link provided by Google and make a purchase from a site but say if they don’t purchase anything from your site, they will leave the page and continue searching other sites.. The loss here is that you won’t get anything from that customer, even if the customer has some potential to buy that particular product. But if could capture the Name, Email Id or Phone number of the visitor when they were there on your site, You could contact them in future and get a chance to sell your product to them.

How to use “Leads”?

Once you capture leads, you should know how to use those captured leads. So, the next part comes “Follow up”. By following your customer via E-mail or phone, you increase the chances of selling your product. You just need to make a series of useful letters related to your product and update your Auto Responder. Now it will be a job of that Auto Responder to send the mails regularly on a particular day (defined by you) to the visitors of your site.

But always remember that those leads are humans and you should make relations with them by offering your services to them. Help them by replying to the queries they have or whenever they ask something.

Thanks, Shaishav Sood

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