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What Is An Autoresponder?
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What is An Autoresponder?

Life. It is all around us. We see the sun in the sky, the birds chirping and sounds all around us. How we react to the things around us is what we refer to as a response.

For example, if you have a tickle in your throat, you may cough, if your nose itches, you may scratch.

Different people have different ways of responding to different things differently than someones else may. A parent for example, may choose to punish a unruly child by spanking, while another parent facing the same type of problem may choose to order a time out.

Remember when you were in school the teacher would ask a question and everyone would shout out the answer? The teacher would usually tell the children to quiet down and then call on only one child to answer the question because he or she could only hear one person at a time.

In the days gone by, when a person would take a vacation from work they usually had to have someone cover for them to take their calls to tell the person who was calling that that person was away and would return at a future date. The person who would likely be the one stuck doing this was the secretary.

Today, times are different because of the computer. Today's workers can now take time off without having someone to take their calles or answer their emails thanks to what is called an auto responder. An autoresponder is a device that can automatically answer calls or emails and tell people that you are away and will return at a given date.

Besides being used to tell others that someone is not available, the autoresponder can also be used to answer emails and help to enroll someone to join a webpage.

Autoresponders are great for aswering comon type questions. For example, if the same question keeps being repeated, then it would be a good idea to set up a autoresponder that would answer that question. The autoresponder would look for key words in an email and automatically respond to it.

Some companies when they sell something online to someone will have the receipt automatically emailed to the buyer. This is another way of using an autoresponder. Some companies that do this are clickbank and godaddy, but there are others.

Autoresopnders can be used to send out emails to people who requested your information. They do not write the emails, you do. You type them up and then can set the autoresponder to send them out at different times.

Even though the autoresponder is great at sending emails, it is never ok to use it to send out spam.

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