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The First Years Stroller For Ease Of Use And A Smooth Ride
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The First Years Stroller is a popular stroller that has moms raving about its versatility and solid construction. This stroller adjusts with your baby’s growth so you can use it with your newborn as well as your toddler.

Here is a list of the features offered with this stroller:

  • Front Swivel Wheels – The front swivel wheels make this stroller easily maneuverable with the ability to lock them when needed.

  • Rubber Wheels – The wheels are made of a durable rubber so that there is no worry about flat tires.

  • Extra Large Canopy – The large canopy keeps the sun out of your baby’s eyes and has a window so that you can see what’s going on inside. The canopy can be easily removed if desired.

  • Multiple Reclining Positions – The seat reclines in various positions, which is ideal when keeping up with your baby’s development. If your baby can sit up on his own, you can allow him to sit up and look around or you can lower the seat so that your baby can take a nap.

  • Converts to a Bassinet – The seat converts to a bassinet without any additional tools required. This is perfect if you have a newborn and a toddler and would like to use the stroller for both.

  • Adjustable Handle – The adjustable handle makes this perfect for taller people who may have struggled pushing a stroller with a lower handle level.

  • Break – The break can be activate with one push and deactivated with pushing the same button.

  • Car Seat Attachment – It comes with a car seat attachment, which is great for carrying baby to and from the stroller when you’re out and about.

The First Years Stroller is both convenient and easy to use with its easy folding mechanism. If you’ve struggled with folding strollers in the past, this will come as a nice change. No more struggling in the parking lot of the mall to get the stroller folded and you’re on your way in no time.

Another benefit is the ease of steering the stroller, even with larger children riding in it. It offers a smooth ride for your child and allows you to maneuver it easily without struggling to turn and go over bumps.

If you are looking for a stroller that has a lot of features and ease of use, then the First Years Stroller is the choice for you. You don’t need to struggle to push it and it offers a comfortable ride for your child.

The first years wave stroller offers comfort for your baby and ease of use for you. Stroll around in style. With the first years stroller you can go anywhere that is suitable for a stroller with great maneuverability. To see a complete review of theFirst Years Wave Stroller visit here. If you are looking for a stroller that offers similar features with a bassinet and an optional doubles kit then check out Phil and Teds Smart Stroller Review

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