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How Do You Toilet Train Boys?
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How Do You Toilet Train Boys?

Toilet training a boy seems to strike fear in parent's hearts.  There is so much literature around to support this fear as well, that it often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  As a parent of one girl and two boys - aged 8, 5 and 3 respectively, I actually found toilet training my boys easier than my little girl once I knew what I was doing.  I wasted 7 months trying to toilet train Mya, and finally after I stopped and thought about my strategy, (height of insanity - continue on the same path and expect a different result) changed what I was doing, and three days later she was completely toilet trained.  One week later night time trained.

From then on, my boys were a breeze, especially when I used the right tools that lets boys be boys and wee naturally standing like Daddy.  I firmly believe the main differences with toilet training boys lie more with personality than the sex of the child. Once you have the foundation mastered of knowing how to work with your child and speak their language - whether boy or girl, it all falls into place.

Yes, I have to admit, the key difference outside of personality, between my girl and my two boys is the volume of noise they produce AND THEY JUST WON'T STAY STILL!  With Mya I remember queing at the bank and watching parents with boys exasperated, move in and out of the queue, out the door, back again, trying their best to keep their boy still in a controlled environment.  I ashamedly admit I questioned their parenting skills at the time as my little girl stood dutifully and quietly by my side.  Then I had a boy.  I was quickly put in my place. 


To combat the exuberance of a boy when trying to toilet train him is easily mastered though, by making the toilet training process a lot more fun than the toys they are playing with.  If you think like a child, in particular, act like a boy, then you won't be fighting the process but joining the team.  

"All aboard the toilet train express - Tickets Please!"  "Let's go feed the hungry toilet a Yum Yum!  Can you hit it with your wees or maybe bomb it with your poos.  Quick, before Daddy does it!"  The magical Toilet Yum Yums are a boys dream come true, especially when combined with the Weeman to teach wee wees like Daddy.  The Toilet Yum Yums, spin around when you hit them with your wees - can any boy resist?!!  Reading how Dumpy the Dump Truck bombs the Toilet Yum Yums with his poos, with the pictures to demonstrate, is how you speak a boys language.


The benefit of toilet training a boy is the fact that you can demonstrate.  With little girls, demonstrating how use the toilet is harder to show, but with boys, it is out there!  Subsequently, you will make your life easier to teach wee wees like Daddy with the right tools.  A Weeman is a little boys urinal that sits permanently on the side of your toilet, out of the way of everyone.  It is positioned lower, for boys that can't quite reach yet and becomes the tool of use for 1-2 years depending on height.  The best way to teach a child is "monkey see, monkey do".  With boys you can do this very easily with the Weeman.  First Daddy needs to wee in the Weeman to show your boy what to do.  This is the best way for him to then copy the process.  It is then a simple flip, flush, flip it back over and you are ready to go again.  Yes, the Weeman is fully flushable!  Forget the potty.

Then Daddy can wee in the toilet with his son weeing next to him in real time, creating a wonderful male bonding experience.  Seriously though, all boys want to be like their Dads and with the Weeman they can.  It really empowers them and speaks a boy's language which is "doing".  The Weeman creates independence and provides a hands-free option (believe me stay here as long as possible) until they are tall enough to reach the big toilet.  You then transition to the big toilet using a Wee Target (good for small and tall) - hit the spot make a car, truck train, flush goes back to the black spot. 

So don't despair, I am here to tell you boys can actually be easier to toilet train than girls.  I toilet trained both of my boys well before two years of age.  My sister had twin boys, and she started toilet training them using our Bullet Proof Boy Pack at 14 months.  They were both day time trained by 17 months, night time trained by 18 months.  By my third boy he was 19 months done using the same system.  Make it fun, and they don't even realise they are being toilet trained - and you will enjoy the process too!

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