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My Son's Hair - Cut, Ways To Make A Kid's Hair - Cut Less Stressful
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My Son\'s Hair  -  Cut, Ways to Make A Kid\'s Hair  -  cut Less Stressful

My 4 year old son hates getting his hair-cut.He screams bloody murder kicks squirms and makes a biig scene. I always leave sweating and exauhstead from the ordeal. I had a few stress ful expiriences but one was beyond awful. I made the mistake of walking into a salon and just assuming the lady knew how to cut a terrified little boys hair. And i was always used to having to hold him down along with two other people while a lady cut his hair, but he(my son Isaac) said " mom i want to try this hair-cut thing one more time" I was soo proud of my little man. If i knew then what I know now things would have not been so awful.

first you should always ask the hair stylest who is the fastest and quickest because having a screaming kid tied down for 5 mins is hard enough but 30 45 mins. you got to be kidding me! Also make sure to wash out any hair spray from previous day because i can only imagine how painful that could be.

Another good idea is a sucker or something like a toy for the toddler to hold. Tell your son if he wants to listen he can pull his ears down and hold them on the side of his face so they wont accidentally get cut.

I would suggest not telling them where your going. Do not say "ready to get your hair-cut" Maybe say " let go see that nice lady so she can make you look handsome" idk i prefer not to say anything till we get there. then its on. haha

I thought maybe i could bribe Isaac and told him no video games till he got his hair done. And all day he went without watching tv and playing video games. and i was thinking man he must really be super scared of getting his hair-cut because he dont breath w/out his video games.

needless to say he is due for another one and im not looking forward to it. haha kids are awsome

Being a single mom is hard but hopefully i can help another mom learn from my mistakes. I found the best hair stylest in the whole wide world finaly and she is quick. he is 4 now and smart but its just something about those clippers he cannot stand. I even went out and bought some and tried to do it my self but oh my god big mistake i couldnt cut hair if my life depended on it

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