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Parenting Toddlers
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Parenting Toddlers

The toddler years are possibly the most difficult for parents to deal with, especially new parents. We've all heard of the "terrible twos! There is so much happening in a toddlers world every day. Imagine being bombarded with so many new concepts each and every day. How often do we think about all of the information children process by the time they are toddlers? I think it is rather amazing that children that age have learned to navigate the world around them in such a short time. Imagine all the watching and listening they must do just to be able to accomplish that!

The world around them is always new and ready to be explored. As parents, it is our job to make sure they do that without getting hurt, and without getting too selfish and spoiled. Sounds easy, right? If you say yes, you have obviously never had children! Some days everything can be a battle; from getting dressed to just eating. Let's not even get started on the concept of sharing, not poking the dog, listening to directions, not climbing on things, and other behavior problems. It is a constant barrage of no, no, no to a toddlers ears all day long. No wonder that word loses it's effect before long. Hmm, ever noticed that?

Imagine every time you made a move all day long, someone said "no", or "don't touch", or some similar negative comment? It would get pretty frustrating, wouldn't it. I think so, in fact it would make me downright cranky. I might even feel like throwing a temper tantrum! I might kick and scream, cry and throw a tantrum right then and there.

So, what is a parent to do. All most parents want is a happy, well-adjusted child. But, it is also our responsibility to keep them safe and out of harms way every minute of every day. That job becomes so much easier when toddlers learn to listen and respond rather than become stubborn and refuse to cooperate, right? Well sure, but how do we get them to listen? What tools do we use to promote those listening skills?

Help out there! One of the best tools I have found for dealing with the toddler years and behavioral problems is a program that uses language to get positive results from your toddler. It is Talking to Toddlers, by Chris Thompson. This is a fantastic program that is broken down into 20 minute segments that will teach you the most effective way to communicate with your child. It is one of the most helpful tools you will ever come across.

Talking to Toddlers is the answer for any parent of toddlers. You will not be disappointed, and your days of battling with a toddler will be over. Good luck, and happy parenting!

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