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Reviews On The Orbit Baby Stroller
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Before anyone buys a stroller, we all would like to know why we should purchase the product by doing some research on why people who own the stroller like or dislike the it.   I have compiled a list of Pros and Cons from well-known websites where the Orbit Baby Stroller is sold.  Many buyers like to graciously post their opinions on websites in order for potential buyers to get a better understanding of the product.  I hope this gives you a better understanding of the Orbit Baby Stroller and possibly assist you on making a decision on whether or not to purchase this amazing product.

There are numerous Pros that buyers shared about the Orbit Baby Stroller and below is a list of those comments: 

  • The number one Pro was that the stroller seat can rotate 360 degrees and has four locking positions, ranging from fully reclined to fully upright. 
  • It has a modern look.
  • The tires are no pump, foam-filled tires versus air-filled tires. 
  • The tires have Quadshock, which allows a smoother ride for your child. 
  • The front tires are lockable for better handling on paved roads.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • The fabric is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (certified green), which is healthier for your baby and safer for the environment.
  • The material is easy to clean and easy to remove and put back on.
  • The frame can easily fold and unfold.
  • The frame works with both car seats (infant and toddler), the stroller seat, and bassinet.
  • The handles are adjustable to accommodate all different heights.
  • The frame is made with aircraft-grade aluminum, which means it’s strong and light.
  • The sunshade protects the child from UVA and UVB rays and is also fully extendable for your child’s privacy.
  • There is a ventilation system on the back of the stroller seat, which is very useful on hot days.
  • There are extra accessories that can be added to the stroller to accommodate more than one child (i.e. Sidekick Stroller Board and Double Helix Stroller).

There were a few Cons that buyers voiced about the Orbit Baby Stroller.:

  • The number one Con was that the stroller was too expensive.  It is currently listed at $750.
  • The bassinet is not included.  Buyers feel that it should be included since the stroller is already expensive and will not be used for very long.
  • The rain cover and mosquito net is also not included.
  • There are two separate pieces to the stroller that have to be put together.  Some buyers prefer the stroller to just be one unit.
  • The wheel base for the stroller is too wide and it is hard to maneuver in smaller spaces.
  • The canopy shades fall out of the sockets too easily.
  • Instead of a bag being underneath the stroller, some buyers prefer a basket because you have to open and close the bag.  However, with a basket, you can just easily throw things in it and retrieve things quicker.  Also, most people will already be carrying their own separate diaper bag and another diaper bag is not needed.
  • Some buyers also felt that parts of the stroller were cheaply made.  Some buyers had problems with tires popping off or the stroller bag tearing.

There were definitely more Pros than Cons listed in all the reviews that I researched.  Also, the buyers that did have issues with their products said that the Orbit Baby Customer Service was very helpful and were happy to replace any item that did not function properly or was damaged.  One buyer even received the diaper bag three times because the prior two bags that she received tore.  This was all covered because of the two-year warranty that Orbit Baby has for their products.

Before I purchased my Orbit Baby I did a ton of research on this product.  I hope the list I have compiled for you, of the pros and cons of the Orbit Baby, gave you a better understanding of this product and possibly helped you in determining if you would buy the Orbit Baby or not.  I truly hope that this article was helpful to you.  Good luck with your stroller searching!


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