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Teaching Your Child Sign Language And Spanish
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Teaching Your Child Sign Language And Spanish

We all want our children to be ahead of the class. So we try everything we can think of to help them achieve this. But it seems like there is a thousand different things you are supposed to do. So how do you do them all and still have time to just breath or sit back and enjoy your child? First thing to remember is that as long as you do your best with your child you will be fine. But if you feel that you want to do more then you can look into teaching your baby or child sign language or and Spanish.

I have researched that started a baby on sign language can help increase a child's IQ when they are older. Since they are able to communicate with you sooner they can pick up more words. They are not as stressed about saying the simple words because they can sign them to you and are now able to observe other words and when they are able to talk they will use them correctly. It is amazing to see your child signing things like "thank you" to you.

They have also found that sign language can also lessen the terrible twos. Part of the problem with the terrible twos is that they get frustrated because they can't communicate what they want or what is bothering them so they just get upset. So less headache for you and your child, happier all around.

Then there is the great thing that they will just have the knowledge of how to sign. You can communicate in quiet places with your child without everyone hearing you. They will be able to communicate in another language at such an early age. Just picture two kids sitting in a playground signing back and forth. So you should definitely look into teaching your child to sign. They can sign back to you as early as ten months.

Now there's also more options on teaching your child multiple languages. Kids in Europe know several languages fluently, why shouldn't your child? It opens so many more doors for your child. The important thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn't start too early. Starting too early can confuse the child on which language is which and slow their progression down. But if you start too late then it won't come as naturally to them as English does. So when is the right time to start?

Well a good time to start is before they are actually reading. Around one and a half or two is a good place to start or whenever you just feel is right for your child, every child is different. If you don't think your child is ready then wait till you think he is. If you think your child is ready then go for it! And have fun with it, because if he is learning a new language he is going to want to communicate it with you so you will have to pick some of it up too.

So what language will you want to try? Well there are so many options you have to choose from. French, Spanish, German, the list goes on and on. But if you are located in America the most useful second language would be Spanish and it is also one of the easier languages to learn. A lot of the words are similar to English so won't be too difficult, plus people are using it more so you have lots of people you can practice with. It can come in handy if you want to take a trip south to Cabo San Lucas or somewhere else in Mexico. Yes they have people that speak English there, but it is always good to know some of the language of where you are visiting.

A good way to teach your child to speak another language is by speaking it yourself. You learn little by little and teach it to your child. Start using Spanish words for chair, potty, car as you touch them, say both in English and in Spanish so he will learn that they mean the same thing. Learning together will be enjoyable for both of you. So you should try looking into learning Spanish too.

There are so many routes to go with helping your child succeed. A good way to start is if your child is young to teach them other language. Simple sign language can be so useful and is easy and fun to learn with your child. Spanish can be so useful for both you in your future. You never know how dominate Spanish will be in your child's future or where they may want to travel to in their future.

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