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The True Cost Of Bringing Up Your Baby
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The cost of bringing up baby is undoubtably a concern for new parents. If you calculated the actual figure beforehand I wonder if you would think again? It is estimated to cost about $10 000 in the first two years of a child's life, something that most people neither anticipate or prepare for.

Obviously having a child and the benefits they bring are priceless but it can be financially very stressful for parents who are already adapting to a life changing event, not to mention the sleep deprivation.

Ironically, just when one parent may have to give up work and the family income is reduced, comes the time when costs dramatically increase. A newborn requires many different things, Strollers, car seats, diapers clothing the list is endless and continues as babies grow fast.

The best advice is to plan ahead and budget. First time parents often fall in to the trap of buying top range designer goods, not necessarily needed or practical. It is hard not to get carried away first time around but once you realise the stroller doesn't fit in the car or your baby outgrew that designer outfit you were saving for best, you will wish you had.

Buying online is a great option, you can read reviews and shop around for competitive prices. As these online stores have low overheads they can offer favorable prices and hopefully you won't be tempted by that designer cushion placed at the check out!

You should also consider selling outgrown items online, this is a very good way of recouping some money and putting it towards other items you may need. There are many good sites out there such as ebay for this purpose.

Plan a budget before your baby arrives and stick to it, this way you will reduce the financial burden and the stresses that go with it. Planning ahead allows peace of mind and you can still provide your child with an excellent level of care.

Consider used baby clothes, they are usually in great condition as babies grow so quickly. Be honest if someone wants to buy a gift, don't feel you have to request a silver spoon ask for something you really need. Don't compromise ion safety however, best to buy quality cribs and car seats for peace of mind. Take an experienced parent shopping with you, they will know the pitfalls and are a good source of information.

Remember when it comes to children the important things are simply not down to finance. As long as they have their basic needs met, the love, support and care you give them is beyond any price tag.

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