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Tips To Safely Administer Medicine To Your Baby
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If your child is prescribed medication by your doctor or you are giving them an infant painkiller you need to follow instructions very carefully. The dosage is carefully calculated to be safe for the age of your child and it is important that you do not vary the dosage in any way.

As adults we do not have to be as precise as we can cope with slight inaccuracies in dosage but this is not a safe practise for babies and small children. They are very sensitive to even the slightest difference in dose size as they are very small and the reaction they can have as a consequence can be alarmingly dramatic.

Most medications for children come with a measuring cup or syringe, carefully measure out the appropriate dose with these and do not estimate. If you do not have a measure with the medication buy one which gives very accurate measures.

Never just give medicines to a child using a household teaspoon, there is a huge variation in spoon sizes and you may presume you are giving an accurate dose when in fact you are not. Over a few days this could lead to a dangerous over dose of medication that could make your child very unwell and cause further problems rather than treating the original complaint. You should never make the decision as to what is a suitable dose for your child, this must be made by a doctor and followed precisely. If your child is given medicine, make sure they complete the full course or you may find your child's symptoms return quickly and sometimes more intensely.

There are obviously lots of alternative medicines and natural remedies but again remember some of these are very strong and just because they are natural does not mean they are safe to use on a child. Always consult a reputable practitioner if you choose to use natural remedies on your baby. It has to be stated that like all medicines natural remedies can be toxic given in the wrong dose and some times people are giving inaccurate advise to parents, especially over the counter in some stores. Remember this can have serious consequences for your child so always seek reputable advise from a qualified professional.

With young babies it is far safer to trust conventional medicine from your medical doctor as a baby's health can deteriorate quickly. It simply is not worth taking a risk with your babies health, Medical doctors are trained to prescribe medicines for specific conditions and will adjust dosage according to the weight of your baby not necessarily it's age.

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