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What All Parents Should Know About Teething
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Every baby is different, however the majority of babies cut their first tooth at around 6 months of age. Some will get them earlier, indeed some babies are born with them, whereas others can take up to a year. All of these are with in the range normal development.

With the development of deciduous (first) teeth there is usually some pain and a range of other complaints associated with the teething process. The most common problems are excess crying, mild fever and loose bowel movements (Diarrhea.) You may notice your child has a flushed cheek, wants to chew everything and may even pull at their ears.

Another issue for parents can be an unwelcome return to interrupted sleep as their child can wake frequently with the discomfort. Children do become very fretful with teething and as fevers tend to occur in the night you may have to treat your child with an infant pain killer.

Whilst some children sail through teething others will suffer. Some babies will reject food at this time as they connect the pain with eating. Sore swollen gums can make feeding difficult and eating very uncomfortable for your child. Be vigilant as babies can lose weight at this time. If you run your finger along your baby’s gum you will be able to feel the tooth under the skin, applying a sugar free teething gel can offer relief, cuddles always help too!

A teething baby will produce excess saliva and as a result this saliva is swallowed. As this saliva is ingested it is quite normal for many children then to develop loose stools, this is very common, however in some children they very quickly develop diaper rash. This in turn can make the infant very irritable and if they are also having interrupted sleep it makes for a very cranky little person who can be difficult to comfort. Lots of parents find teething a challenging time in their child's development.

Your child may also have a mild temperature or fever but this should not be prolonged or particularly high. If you are at all unsure always take your child to see a doctor as high temperatures are uncommon with teething.

As this can be a difficult time for all involved you will want to treat the symptoms of teething effectively and quickly. It is possible to reduce the discomfort your child is feeling and make teething a little easier for everyone!

There are many good and practical solutions to treat the symptoms of teething, such as diaper rash and help to understand the process of tooth development.

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