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What Is The Best Potty For Potty Training My Child?
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The time has come to potty train your little one, and you're searching the stores or online for the best potty for potty training your child. Oh my gosh, there are so many sizes, shapes and colors! With so many options, how on earth do you choose?

Well, the first thing you should do is ask yourself some important questions: Will I use the potty in the home, or will I need it also when you are on the go? Are you going to put the potty in the bathroom? If so, how much space is available for the potty in the bathroom? Do I want to keep it simple, or do I want something that will be an interactive experience for my child? These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself before you make any decisions on what type of potty you will buy. You may discover that the best potty for potty training your child is a combination of two different kinds!

Now, let's look at the different types of potty chairs: the basic one piece potty chair, the multi-functional, interactive potty chair, and the potty seat, or toilet training ring. The one piece potty is just as it sounds: a simple one piece plastic potty chair. It's small, affordable, lightweight and is usually good for those who are just starting out. The biggest drawback to the one piece potty is that it is not the most convenient when dumping the waste or cleaning.

The multi functional or interactive potty chairs are the fun potty chairs! They come in all these great shapes and colors, they have detachable cups and toilet seat lids. Some of them make flushing sounds, have a designated spot for wipes or toilet tissue, and even may have your toddlers favorite cartoon character painted on the seat! These potty chairs are great, because your child will most likely be more excited about learning to potty train having a seat with all these extras! Just get ready to spend a bit more cash, because these seats tend to cost a bit more than your basic one piece potty. They can also take up a decent amount of space!

Sometimes the best potty for potty training your toddler isn't a potty, but a potty seat or toilet ring! Potty seats are toilet seats made for toddlers and small children that can simply be placed over an adult toilet seat. This is a great option because they are affordable and portable, but may not be the best choice if you are just starting out with a smaller child. Having to use the big toilet may be a bit scary for the beginners.

After asking yourself some important questions, and reviewing the types of potty chairs available, you may find that the best potty for potty training for your toddler may be one or a combination of these options. But keep in mind, that finding the best potty for potty training is only the beginning!

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