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Baby Boomer Writing Ideas Revealed: 6 Decades To Learn From
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Baby Boomer Writing Ideas Revealed: 6 Decades to Learn From

Have you ever stared at a blank piece of paper or a blank computer screen and wondered what to write? Whether you’re a new writer or a writing legend it will likely happen to everyone. So what can you do? What are the secrets, or the muse, that you can tap into?

Let’s talk about 6 decades, or life phases, that you can write about:

1. Childhood: while it may seem a dim and distant memory, our childhood was a very interesting time and one that which it would be nice to return to when our adult lives seem difficult. It was a time of wonder and learning…and gazing wishfully at adults who “had it so good”.

Think back to the wonder, the innocence of our childhood. The super hero games, dolls, simple toys that truly sparked the imagination. Jot down some notes as you allow yourself to reflect. Sometimes it’s useful to chat about your childhood with the people who shared it with you, your siblings and parents. Jot their ideas down as well.

Soon you will have a list that when you review you will see that the ideas and the emotions are all there to be written about. These are things that are still needed in our complex and fast-paced society today.

2. Teen Years: wouldn't it be wonderful to return to that time in our lives where we actually knew everything…well, in our minds anyways. But what a time of struggle for self-identity and desire for adulthood. We all responded to these years differently and, hopefully, came through them pretty much unscathed and independent.

Thinking back to all the physiological changes, the peer pressure, the rebellious attitudes, and even the defiance of our families and society, we will find many things to write about and share with today’s teens. Just because technology has changed so much doesn't mean that many of these same insecurities and life learnings are not still as relevant today as they were back in the “dark ages”.

If you have a passion for today’s teens or even want to write for or about them, think back to your years and you will find plenty of material…good and bad.

3. Post-secondary and/or work: so we’re done high school and have to decide if we’re going on to university or if we’re going to start working right away. Back in our Baby Boomer days, university was a lot cheaper but usually left for those who were the “smarter kids” in school. Now, even though it is more expensive, there are many options for post-secondary and there are more attending.

But think back to the excitement and unsurety of that time. The question of “what do I want to be when I grow up” was front and center on our minds (some of us still ask that to this day). Stepping out into the adult world, whether it was at school or at work, was a large step and often very fearfully made.

Write about that! Let others, especially today’s teens, know that it has always been that way and always will be that way. The fears of making the wrong choice are just as real today as it was for us back then. Empathize through your writing and you will have others reading your pearls of wisdom and about how you survived.

4. Families: most of us will have families either immediately after high school or, preferably, when we have graduated post-secondary and commence our careers. Even for the naysayers they will realize that it is almost a “natural evolution” of human life. Sure, it’s about procreating, but it’s also about living a stable and rewarding life.

Having our own kids is something wonderful and not to be taken lightly. And we make sure that we read quality stories (usually the classics) and buy toys that will teach. It is interesting to note that we sometimes need to give ourselves the same education we want our kids to have and we should try to avoid the bad habits and people that we protect our kids from.

Whether you want to write about your own memories about this or you want to develop that quality or fun literature for your own kids, and their kids, you will find a gold mine by writing about these most important people in your life.

Even when you consider the things you and your significant other do and say you will find a plethora of ideas to write about. Whether it’s about relationships, marriage, raising kids, or even the family dog, the stories are there to be write them!

5. Empty nest: oh, the dreaded day when the last of your kids actually leave home to face the world on their own. After 18 plus years and a house full of memories, it’s suddenly quiet and empty…and foreign.

Again, it’s like the phrase of “What do I want to be when I grow up” but this time you can call it “What will I do when my kids are all grown up”. Think about that for a moment. Consider the adventure that you can embark upon, whether it’s on your own or with your significant other. There are many opportunities…and usually more money available to spend.

Check the internet to see what’s available. There has been an explosion of travel, business, recreation, causes, and even communities developed for people who find themselves to be empty-nesters. And many of them are writing about it, whether it’s through a blog, a book, or even letters. You will find many examples and many stories of Baby Boomers writing about the things that you are now going to be able to do…so join them and write!

6. Retirement: we've worked for it all of our lives and looked forward to it as a time of reward and relaxation. Now it’s upon us and we need to ensure that we have something focused to do with that time.

Our adult years are often so busy living, working, taking care of our kids, and being involved with our communities. Two of those major things are now gone – kids and work. What will we do with all of that time and have we made a plan for our retirement so we don’t stagnate or plant ourselves in that rocking chair too early?

Whether you are in retirement now or you are approaching it, writing is such a great way to reflect back upon our lives and remember all those fond milestones and accomplishments. There is a lifetime to contemplate, reflect and write about. Having the time to now do that and put it on paper is an excellent way to share your stories and the things you have learned. There is also more time to travel and get active in various causes or even volunteer. What great things to write about.

While the above are not “decades” per se, this is a great way to review your life, regardless of where you are in it and look for those rich and personal stories that you can write about. There is a good reason why biographies are so popular and, I would argue, that each of us has a great biography as well.

We may not be the rich or famous that we read about but we certainly are qualified to write about our life and our experiences.

Still looking for ideas to write about? Look no further than your favorite decade.

Street Talk

Brilliant, inspiring, things we have all thought about--but never organized. Only one flaw, as I see it, teens --we knew it ALL. ;-) And, just maybe we still think we do!

  about 9 years ago
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