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Blaming Boomers
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Blaming Boomers

“He did it!” The blame game…we all play…we all take turns in being the accuser and the accused…but in this game…we’ll blame the Baby Boomers.

Surely over 76,000,000 people have brought many woes to our world and will leave it worse than what they found it, or were born into. This generation is so large, so influential, and so self-reliant that surely they cannot be all good. Let’s talk about a few of the things that Boomers are being blamed for:

1. The Economy – it is said that education was easier to get and cost less money when Boomers went to post-secondary. They had every advantage and were well supported to go to college or university. And as a result, drove tuition and other costs higher for those that followed. There is no question that costs have escalated, indeed skyrocketed, but this cannot solely be laid at the feet of the Boomers. Everything has increased in cost and I would suggest that this is due to the market and what industry was able to charge for their goods.

2. Good-Paying Jobs – whether straight from high school or university, it is said that Boomers were able to land well-paying jobs with some or no education and that these would be lifelong jobs that they would retire from. I’m not sure how this would be something that one would be blamed for because for many, it is still a goal. Granted, nowadays, many are moving from career to career almost as fast as they can buy their next wardrobe. Again, this is due to a change in thinking as well as more and more opportunities to change careers.

3. Working Longer – this is perhaps one of the most often quoted comment we hear nowadays. Because of better health and increased longevity, Baby Boomers are living longer…and therefore working longer. Is this not a good thing? Is it not better to continue working and contributing…and buying things…which helps the economy and provides for other jobs that are needed, whether in the malls or in money-losing downtown neighborhoods. You will still see us everywhere and we’re quite willing to pull out the old pocket book and pay.

4. The Housing Market – because Baby Boomers were able to, in fact expected to, buy their first home they are now in a position of “down-sizing” as the kids leave home and they find they don’t need all the space they once did. Whether we’re moving to adult or retirement communities, this down-sizing makes sense. And yes, it means we need to sell our home and very likely at a very good profit. But does this mean we’re saturating the market? I would suggest not because we are turning around and buying those homes or duplexes or bungalows that best suit our needs.

5. Destroying the Planet – because there are so many of us and we have gone through a time of great change in industry and desires, Baby Boomers are often seen as “gluttons” or “users” of the ecosystem and the world’s natural resources. We are being blamed for everything from causing the extinction of some species to poking holes in the ozone layer that protects our planet. While this has occurred, it cannot be laid at just the doorstep of Boomers. We are all citizens of this world and all of us must take care of it…and Boomers do! In fact, many of us are finding we have the time, the energy, and the resources to get directly involved in various causes that do help and are turning back some of these tides of destruction. We are very much involved in restoring our planet, helping its citizens, and ensuring that we are leaving a healthy legacy for the generations to come.

So, when all is said and done…and we’re done blaming the Baby Boomers…we are all in this together. There certainly has been no ill intent from any of us to leave things worse than how we found them, in fact, we are wanting to improve them. After all, and as noted above, it is our generations that we will be leaving this world to. So we have a vested interest in improving and sustaining our economy, our jobs, our lives, and the communities in which we live.

Baby Boomers are not to blame, we are the reality in society and as we move towards retirement we all have to work together to ensure that all of us continue to survive and thrive. And should you talk to us person to person, I think you will agree that our needs, wants, and desires are very much like yours.

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