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The Why Of The Extended Home And Family
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The Why Of the Extended Home And Family

We need better long term aging alternatives. The big "cost saving" push being felt from Government and long term health providers is Aging In Place. I suggest another alternative..aging parents are brought back into the family, integrated, a part of daily life, an essential part of daily life.

I suggest adult children and their families create space on their property to live together. The art is allowing everyone to have security, privacy and personal control. The ingenuity is improving quality of life for young and old. The bonus is instilling generational knowledge as well as family history and cultural heritage.

Perhaps all of the above (and below) is my reason for the why of the extended home and family:

78 million baby boomers are preparing for their senior years.

22.4 million U.S. households now provide care to a relative or friend aged 50 or older.

The population of American seniors is expected to double in size within the next 25 years.

AARP indicates the cost of a room in an assisted living facility will run around $600,000 over a ten year period,with Medicare/Medicaid cutting 4 billion and with extended life spans, I am suggesting you don't create the extended family because of finances, but it could certainly be considered a wealth preserver.

The nursing home corporations seem to be in a constant state of flux,and many of the good ones won't take Medicaid so the chances of exhausting family resources quick are pretty high, it is predicted costs will be $300.00 day in the next few years.

Families have lived together through the last few hundred years; it’s been only recently that we have chosen to separate. I wonder if there is a correlation between the huge increase in day care centers and the huge increase in nursing homes, now that might be a research project.

We are living among insect aliens

Some of my friends believe the US monetary system and possibly the government structure itself could fail, (I have other friends who believe we are living among insect aliens). I can’t find the source but I read somewhere that drug use among teenagers dropped 80% with an elder living at home.

I don’t mean to beat a dead stick however the only down side is … hum, learning to love each other, practicing patience, living with boundaries, sharing joys. Yeah, maybe my neighbors are insect aliens and maybe the multigenerational family will become accepted again and policy will change to allow more flexibility with the living spaces.

From depressions to recessions and from birth to death, the joy of being together might be the glue that keeps it all together.

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