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Showering Of Babies!
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The scene opens up to a group of happy obviously American women sat around a table piled high with presents, everyone is smiling at the blooming pregnant lady sat in the middle. Food is on a table nearby, everyone has a drink and smiles can be seen from all around. Or so it appears in the movies, but baby showers have started to appear all over the UK too. I for one had two when expecting my first child, one from all my work friends and then when I visited home my sister threw one for me. They were both lovely and I had so much fun, so now I'm expecting my second, I thought yes let's do it again. Except we're just having the one this time round.

As an American concept I still don't fully understand what a baby shower is, there's no water involved, and sometimes there is no presents involved either, so what is the shower all about? I have never discovered this, but I do like the idea behind it, getting everyone behind you and celebrating a soon to be birth.

But how does an American idea translate over to the UK public? I googled it and researched it so much for my first baby, we looked up games, food, decorations and really struggled with finding things. Most of the shops were American or abroad somewhere and it would cost too much to get it sent here, now my son is 18 months old and my first baby shower was 6 months before that and my second 3 months before my due date. My sister struggled so much she bought baby themed decorations and made a few herself, which to be honest I loved more than the bought items. She looked up ideas for games and used these to plan her own games. So in conclusion, there wasn't an awful lot of choice back then but we still had a good time, and I really enjoyed it and I look back at those days with fond memories.

This time around my sister had offered to arrange it again, but I'm helping out a little and I have to admit it is stressful work, when 5 and a 1/2 months pregnant, with an 18 month toddler, a house to run and all the stresses and worries of being a stay at home mum, but my sister makes it look easy. I have been tasked with two objectives, invites and small cupcakes to go as party favours as I love to bake. I thought great, that will be easy. I had this silly thought because before we started planning the showering, I researched again, and in two years, the baby shower in the UK market has blossomed into something beautiful. You can get banners, balloons, invites, theme ware for tables, party favours, dedicated websites, however the prices are still a little to steep for my budget but we managed to get a few more things this time round. However, I struggled with invites. I did not like any that I saw, they weren't me. I trolled the Internet for weeks looking for invites as I wanted to get them out as soon as possible.

Two months later I still don't have them out, I stupidly thought I am going to make my own. So I started to make them and collect addresses, we had to wait to make sure our room was booked and now we can get them sent out, but guess what? I still only have half done, because I just sometimes don't have the time. I have been stubborn this week and have taken time out to finish the invites, so hopefully they will go out this week and everything will go smoothly, especially because my sister is doing the rest and she appears to be having much more fun with it. She doesnt have a child or isnt pregnant but she does work full time but I think she flourishes under pressure.

My final comment on this topic is if your going to have a baby shower ask a good friend or family member to arrange it for you, you will enjoy it so much more. Also, take advantage of the ever growing and diverse market for baby showers but if you know someone crafty or arty, see of they will make something for you that is handmade and personal it really made my first shower and my sister is once agin making something special for me, again it will be a surprise so I cannot wait.

And finally, take the time to enjoy your pregnancy and baby shower, I might not fully understand the meaning behind a shower and sometimes not everything goes exactly how you planned it, but it is a lovely time to get all your closest family and friends around and celebrate that you are about to create a little life, plus if you have felt you haven't had much of a life recently and have been felling lonely and down, it will be a real pick me up. And if you can sit back and enjoy everyone taking care of you, and supplying you with presents and drinks and food, then let them.

I think it may not have been a blockbuster movie scene but my first baby shower was one of my fondest memories from my first baby and I cannot wait for my second. I have a timer for it and everything on my iPad so let the countdown commence.

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