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Ten Baby Shower Gift Ideas
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There are a lot of things that a newborn baby needs, many of which are expensive! This can add to the stress that the new mom is under. In order to lessen the burden and celebrate the birth of the new baby, a good friend of the mother often decides to throw a baby shower so that the mother’s friends and family can help provide some of the necessities.  If you have ever been invited to a baby shower and are unsure what to bring as a present, here are ten great baby shower gift ideas that are sure to make the mother-to-be happy.  

1. The Gift Of Mobility

Taking a baby out into the world can be a hard thing to do because they need a lot of stuff. Almost all parents rely on strollers to get their baby and all the baby’s stuff from place to place. A stroller is a great baby shower gift because it is very useful.

2. The Gift Of Play

It is not always easy to keep a baby occupied. It is helpful to have some toys around to keep them busy. You can choose from educational toys or toys that make noises and light up.

3. The Gift Of Comfort & Sleep

Every mother wants their child to sleep in safety and comfort. A bedding set is a great idea for a shower gift. Even if the mother has already chosen a set for their baby’s room, it can still come in handy when the other one has to be washed. Make sure you buy something appropriate. For instance, a ladybug nursery bedding set for a girl, or racing cars for a boy.

4. The Give Of Clothing

Babies need a lot of clothes. New mothers want to make sure that their babies have clean, dry clothes on at all times. Some mothers change their babies several times a day. They may choose to change them when their shirts get wet from their bottle or when they get dirty throughout the day.

5. The Gift Of Cleanliness

Having enough diapers and wipes is important to the health of the child. Most parents use disposable diapers for their child. Once baby arrives, diapers and wipes are one of the most important necessities that a new mother needs to care for her child.

6. The Gift Of Free Hands

For those mothers that can’t hold their baby all day long, it is necessary to have products that sooth the baby when they are not in the mother’s arms. A swing can help rock the baby to sleep or keep the baby occupied while the mother makes dinner or does some laundry. A jumper is a great way to entertain the baby when he or she gets a little older. It also builds strength in their legs which will help when they start to walk. A chair is also a great way to entertain a baby. A lot of chairs come with a mobile with lights and gadgets for the baby to play with.

7. The Gift Of A Basket Full of Goodies

A gift basket is a great gift idea because it can be filled with lots of things that a new mother needs to take care of her baby. You can also choose to fill a more practical item like a hamper, baby tub, or diaper bag. Some ideas for stuffing the gift basket are bottles, bottle brushes, baby lotions and soaps, baby manicure set, teddy bear, pacifiers, bottle liners, and much more.

8. The Gift Of Personalised Room Décor

Decorating a child’s room is one of thing that a mother loves to do. They want the room to be warm and inviting. You can purchase items for the baby’s room  that give it a personal touch. Some ideas include picture frames, lamps, wooden letters of the baby’s name, and other wall décor.

9. The Gift Of Stuffed Animals

A great choice for any baby is a stuffed animal or too. They are comfortable and safe for a baby and they can become their favorite toy as they get older.

10. Gifts For The New Mother

Even though the shower is really for the baby, you can also choose to purchase gifts for the mother. Being a new mom can be stressful. Some great gift ideas to help the mother deal with the stress include: scented candles to help bring a sense of calm to the room, some bath beads for a relaxing bath, or a baby book or scrapbook to preserve the memories. A new mother's bed also gets quite a work out with broken sleep and night feeds. Memory foam mattress toppers bring an added level of comfort to help mom rest. They also help prevent motion transfer, which helps Dad to get a better sleep too. You can also spruce the bed up a bit with a new comforter, or perhaps a beautiful lilac duvet cover.

These gift ideas are sure to be a hit with the mother-to-be. Buying a baby shower gift is a great way to show your support for the mother to be and to provide the baby with many things he or she needs.

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