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Types Of Baby Showers
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How many types of Baby Showers can you list right now? Go ahead, write them down. Take a few minutes and see how many you can come up with in the next 2 minutes. Got it? Great! Now let's actually list and describe a few of these Baby Shower Types shall we? Until I started my Baby Shower website I had no idea how many different types there were. You will be shocked! So, here we go!

1. Baby Shower - the traditional type

  • Girl Baby Shower
  • Boy Baby Shower
  • Twins Baby Shower - or multiple birth of any kind
  • Unknown (yet) Baby Shower - when the parents are trying to keep it a secret

2. Couples Baby Shower - Great for newlyweds or first time parents because it involves the dad and trust me most first time dads are very excited about this new little bundle of joy, even though they may not show it.

3. Adoption Baby Shower - When a new baby is adopted sometimes the process happens very quickly and sometimes the new parents aren't quite prepared.

4. Daddy Shower - Times are changing! For those of you who just can't picture those dads sitting around and getting all excited over baby items, guessed it. A bit different though in that you should plan it like a guys night out with lots of junk and fried foods, some sports related games, cards, etc.

5. Long Distance Shower/Online Shower - For the new mom who has moved away and all her friends are back home, why not have a baby shower, record it, and send the video tape and wrapped presents to her? If you do it as a surprise it's even better.

6. Baby Sprinkle - This is for the parents who already have a baby and are having a second or third. Most parents keep the baby items they have to help them save money. So instead of showering them with gifts you just sprinkle them with gifts. Keepsake ornaments, baby necesseties such as diapers, clothes, etc are always good gifts for these types of baby showers.

7. Grandma Baby Shower - Why not spoil a first time grandmother as well? It is true that she will be needing some items as she will most likely be watching that bundle of joy on the odd occasion. Some items to give would be baby feeding spoons, some teethers, onesies, bibs, toys, blankets and a diaper cake of her own would be great!

8. Mom & Baby Shower - This type of Baby Shower focuses on both the mom and the baby and is good if this is not the first child. Some ideas for this type of theme is the ever popular "Mod Mom" baby shower theme. Pamper the new mom with some relaxing bubble bath, some bath bombs or even some nice towels and slipper baskets with some special goodies slipped in for that relaxing evening at home. Well, it could happen!

9. Surprise Baby Shower - The classic Baby Shower but the new mom does not know about it. There could be an early delivery and she may not make it to the planned one so why not have a surprise one planned as a back up!

Phew! Who knew that there were so many types of Baby Showers? Well, wichever one you choose to go with. I hope you have a great party!

Remember, the best part of the party is the stories after...

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