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Back Pain Relief
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Back Pain Relief

So you have back pain and you want to get rid of it. Here is my top 6 tips on how to get rid of lower back pain.

1. Stretch your lower back

I find that for the vast majority of people I see with lower back pain suffer from an anterior tilt of the pelvis. This causes the lower back to become very tight. A side effect of the back muscles been tight is that they become over active and start doing the work that should be shared amongst other surrounding muscles. By stretching the lower back muscles you weaken them and stop them doing as much work. As a result they take less pressure and the pain reduces.

2. Don’t stretch the hamstrings

A large percentage of people who have back pain stretch the hamstrings, this is not their fault this is actually recommended by some professionals however I do not agree. A characteristic of an anterior tilt of the pelvis is long hamstrings which are tight, due to the pelvis pulling them into a lengthened position. Although they feel tight they are actually constantly being stretched and stretching them more will only increase the angle of the anterior tilt. Instead the hamstrings should be strengthened to shorten them pulling the pelvis back into neutral and this will also increase hamstring flexibility.

3. Strengthen your bum muscles

As the bum muscles and the lower back muscles share the pressures of movements, strengthening the gluteal (bum) muscles will enable them to take more of the work during movement and reduce the pressure put on the lower back muscles and lumber spine.

4. Keep hydrated

Avoid caffeinated drinks and drink 1 litre of water per day for every 25kg’s you weigh. When you become dehydrated your body tissues become acidic and this is will cause pain. The discs between your vertebrae require water, when you become dehydrated and you lose disc height and this causes friction between vertebras. Additionally if you’re dehydrated you’ll struggle to digest your food properly, this will cause you to become constipated, all that extra load will push into your low back making your pain even worse

5. Don’t sit down excessively

Sitting down too much is probably the biggest cause of back pain there is. When you sit down for the average 7/8 hours a day your bum muscles are on stretch and get weak and flabby. It also causes your pelvis to tilt anteriorly (forward) which compresses the joints in the lower back causing pain.

6. Heeled footwear

Heeled footwear change the biomechanics of the putting causing you to stand in an anterior tilt, simple as that.

So if you want to get rid of back pain, start drinking more water, sitting down less, stretching your lower back not your hamstrings, strengthen your bum muscles and stop wearing shoes with a heel.

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