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Chronic Back Pain
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Chronic back pain problems are one of the most common reasons why most people miss work or call in sick.

It is estimated around 80 percent of most common day workers will suffer from some type of chronic back pain relating to their job, and those numbers go up dramatically the more you use your back to perform your duties and responsibilities at your job.

I know what it's like to have a stress related job where your physical body is involved to get the job done so your boss doesn't yell at you for being a slacker! Heck I’ve even done grueling work like new home construction, electricians apprentice, professional movers, hauling and professional truck driving.

I even worked as an onsite maintenance man at the apartments I lived at so I could save on rent, so I know what I'm talking about when I say that I’ve suffered from some debilitating back pain due to the bending and physical activity just to meet deadlines!

Chronic back pain doesn't just effect people like me who have been put through the ringer, but also young athletes who come to believe that pain killers and other pills are the answer. They may help but they are only a temporary fix and most of the time only address the symptom.

And then there are massage therapists and chiropractors…

Massage therapists are great when you’re all knotted up and can offer some temporary relief to relieve tension and stress in your back and they do feel good, but they also can be very costly unless you have your very own private masseuse.

Chiropractors are very well trained and can offer some great advice on how to remedy your pain, a lot of them focus on getting yourself re-aligned similar to the way the tires on a car have to be in alignment and balanced to perform well.


The number one reason why most everyday workers experience chronic back pain is due to…


So the objective here is to pay close attention on how you use your back in common everyday activities like driving to and from work, lifting, bending and stooping that could put strain on the back.

Most companies have equipment these days that we can use to help reduce the exposure to stressing the back such as back belts, proper step stools and ladders that have locking devices on the legs so it doesn’t move when being used. Even wearing the proper kind of footwear, they don’t have to be orthodics but comfortable footwear and taking short breaks if you sit too long can help ease the pain on your back and spine.

So the next time you have a task to do that may put undue stress on your back and spine, make sure you don’t take any shortcuts like bending improperly and follow these simple guidelines to make sure you don’t become a chronic back pain sufferer.

Take back your life and find out how you too can enjoy the life you once had before this terrible tragedy affected you. Learn how easy it can be to get your life back with these simple to use techniques that virtually anybody could use in the comforts of their own home!

To learn more about how to cure chronic back pain without expensive doctors bills, check out my Back Pain Cures.

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