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Chronic Back Pain Relief With 3 Simple Natural Self Help Therapies
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When your spine is injured your back muscles tend to become tight and stiff. They generally suffer from involuntary spasmodic contractions. This results in severe pain. If not treated in time, the back pain becomes chronic.

The only way to get relief is to make the muscles soft and relaxed by loosening their stiffness. This can be achieved in three ways- icing, heating followed by stretching them and massage.

1. Icing the muscles

If you have suffered from injury only a short while back, the best course is to apply ice packs on the injured spot on the back. It is everybody’s experience that when we expose ourselves to extreme cold, we tend to feel numb.

Numbness means insensitivity to pain. This is what the application of ice pack does to the injured spot. It numbs it so that the patient can stretch and relax the muscles without feeling pain.

Ice packs should only be used only within 48 hours of the injury and not thereafter.

2. Heat treatment

You can relax the taut muscles by applying heating pads, hot water bottle or topical lotions. You may also take hot water bath or swim in warm pools. Application of heat increases the blood circulation and relieves the stiff muscles as well.

Once you have finished with hot application, you should perform some muscle stretching exercises. These exercises will further relax the muscles and also lengthen the tissues. Your pain will subside and you will be able to move about easily.

Once you have stretched to a bearable limit, you should stay on to it for a few seconds, come back to normal posture. Relax for a few seconds and repeat the exercise three-four times.

Since muscles often tend to come back to their stiff and contracted condition, you may have to keep repeating stretching exercises after short intervals all through the day.

3. Massage the troubled spot

Massage the aching spot on the back with any oil or topical lotion that contains some heat agent.

It would be better if you lukewarm the oil before applying it. Oil massage may open and expand the blood vessels, increase the blood circulation, reduce the stiffness of the muscles and relax them.

Another great benefit of massage is that it acts as a cleansing agent. It is believed that the muscles accumulate waste products as they work. They can become stiff and weak if the waste is not immediately flushed out of them. As the massage open up and expands the blood vessels, it allows the waste to flow out of them leaving them clean, relaxed and healthy.

Remain active

Even though you should take rest immediately after the injury, a prolonged rest may stiffen and weaken the muscles and make them inactive. It means that when you start moving you will feel back pain.

So, it is always advisable to take the minimum rest needed and try to get going after that. You should try to take a few small steps around your room even though you feel a little pain.

Rest assured you can definitely get relief from chronic back pain with these simple self help therapies if you have faith and conviction in yourself.

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