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Cures For Sciatica--7 Tips For Sciatica Pain Relief
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Do you suffer with severe sciatica pain and would like to find some cures for sciatica so that you can get back to a normal life? This pain can really be debilitating and hinder people from leading a normal life.

Sciatic pain is found in the lower back which makes it hard to bend and carry out your normal daily routines, this occurs when the nerve in the lower back has been damaged. Most folks who suffer from sciatic pain are desparately looking for a treatment.

Cures for sciatica vary from surgery to natural methods, it all depends on your actual injury what path you should go down. It is suggested that you get your problem properly diagnosed by your Doctor.

Sciatica can develop down into the legs and buttocks legs and feet, the condition is due to the fact of the sciatic nerve being compressed and irritated. In addition to the terrible pain there is also numbness and weakness of the area experienced.

Here are some suggestions on how you can take steps to reduce and manage your sciatic pain:

1. Studies have shown that by consuming large amounts of potassium. You can get this naturally by eating banana's and potatoes which are rich in potassium.

2. Hydrotherapy: Some doctors recommend this therapy, they maintain that by soaking in a nice warm bath that this can help relieve the pain. It is suggested to soak in the bath for about 20 minutes then take a shower nice and hot, as hot as you can stand.

3. Massage: Getting a massage in the affected area can often relieve pain, after the massage some say you should get some ice and rub it on the area or with a wet cloth.

4. Reflexology: Reflexology is another good way to relieve sciatic pain, you need a good therapist to show you wehre the relex points are and then you massage them. Some are around the shoulder area and the sciatic area.

5. Medication: Some people may be prescribed anti-imflammatory medication and maybe some pain medication, your Doctor will know which is the best for you.

6. Steroid Injections: Some Doctors may prescribe these injections into the affected area. Be mindful there can be complications with these injections. So Get some information on this before jumping in.

7. Heat or Ice Packs: Using a heat pack or ice pack can give relief to the painful area, ice will reduce swelling and heat in the initial stage gives relief. Apply the heat or ice pack for 20 minutes every 2 hours.

These are some really good tips for some cures for sciatica pain and back pain relief. These are some good home sciatic pain relief remedies you can start to use immediately except for the steroid injection one, be sure to get some information from a Doctor about this one.

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