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Do Proteolytic Systemic Enzymes Have Any Benefits
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Do Proteolytic Systemic Enzymes Have Any Benefits

There are a lot of questions revolving around proteolytic systemic enzymes. People want to know just what they are and do they have any benefits for back pain.

Actually, proteolytic enzymes are in your body. You are born with them. These enzymes drive different reactions in your body like digestion, immune response and cleaning toxins from your body. To put this into perspective, these enzymes are like middle managers. They make everything work in your body on a daily basis.

When you eat, these proteolytic enzymes tell your digestive system to get to work. When you are injured, they tell your body to shut down the inflammation that occurs when you get hurt. When your body heals itself, it produces scar tissue to further protect the injured area of your body. Once your body is healed, these enzymes go to the affected area and break up the scar tissue and send it through your system as waste. These enzymes are really important for all of the systems in your body to work well.

Studies have been done to prove that these enzymes reduce inflammation in your body. They also promote healing and they alleviate arthritis. This is exactly what the anti-inflammatory drugs do that are on the market today.

But, the big difference here is that these proteolytic enzymes occur naturally in your body. And, they don’t have any side effects like the anti-inflammatory drugs have. And, believe me, the list of side effects that the drugs have is a lengthy one.

As I mentioned above, these enzymes break down the scar tissue that forms when you have an injury. So, another great benefit of these enzymes is that when they break the scar tissue down and it is flushed out of your system, you actually get back a lot of the flexibility and mobility that you lost when you were injured because the scar tissue has been removed. Without these enzymes, the scar tissue would remain and you would not have the mobility that you had before.

You are probably wondering why you would need an anti-inflammatory drug to reduce your inflammation if these enzymes are already in your body and can do the job. Well, what happens is that when you are young, your body produces the enzymes when you need them and that is why you heal so much faster when you are young.

As you get older, your body produces less and less of the enzymes. That is why it takes so long to heal as you get older. But instead of taking the anti-inflammatory drugs with the long list of side effects, use proteolytic enzyme therapy instead.

Yes, proteolytic systemic enzymes do have benefits. They keep your digestive system running properly, they manage the inflammation in your body when you get hurt and they break down and get rid of scar tissue.

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