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Does Inversion Therapy Really Work
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Does Inversion Therapy Really Work

If you are a back pain sufferer, you are probably wondering does inversion therapy work? First, here is an explanation of what this therapy is all about and how it actually works.

Inversion therapy is the process of turning your body upside down or standing on your head. To do this effectively, you lie on an inversion table and then gradually tilt the table until your feet are higher than your head.

Who was the first person to come up with this type of therapy? Actually, Hippocrates used this form of therapy two thousand years ago. It is a shame that most back pain sufferers have never heard of it before.

The theory behind this therapy is to reverse the effects that gravity has on your body. Over time, gravity takes a toll on your spine and your discs, which are like shock absorbers for your spine. As time goes on, gravity puts pressure on your spine and your spine starts to compress the discs between your vertebrae. Some of these discs become thin and cease to function while others will bulge to one side or another and become herniated. The reason that the discs become thin is that over time, they lose water. They lose water because of the constant compression of gravity on your back.

Inversion therapy works to reverse this process. When you invert your body, your vertebrae move in the opposite direction. Instead of pressing down, they start to move apart from one another which takes pressure off of the discs. This extra space allows the discs to absorb water and regain their natural shape. When your discs do regain their natural shape, they will create suction and will press against the vertebrae creating that natural shock absorber.

Your discs will absorb water while you sleep. So by using inversion therapy, you create space for your discs to breathe and expand. If you have a bulging disc, by creating space for the disc, it will absorb water and will eventually reshape itself and not bulge.

So, that is the theory behind inversion therapy. So does it work? Yes, it does and it has worked for two thousand years. It is a wonder why so many back pain sufferers don’t know of this treatment and weren’t told about it by their doctors.

Before starting any form of alternative treatment for your back pain, consult your physician to properly diagnose your problem. Even if you do need surgery, inversion therapy should also be used. It can even be used by people who don’t have back pain. Inversion therapy does work.

Street Talk

I am out of pain only because I finally found sportsmedicine who put me in traction for a week...I had constant back pain for 12 years...and that is all it took...great stuff this is...when we move off of the boat to land we will definitely have an inversion therapy machine.....thanks for the article and the link....much better deal

  about 1 decade ago
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