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Exercises For Degenerative Discs
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When I was diagnosed with Degenerative Discs Disease, I thought my life of physical activity was over. To the contrary I was told that there’s several ways of alleviating the pain without having to take narcotic prescription drugs. There are other alternatives to medical drugs; like loosing weight, if you’re overweight and low impact exercises. You can see the Nutritionist for your weight problem. You can see a Physical Therapist and they will show and make you do stretching exercises for Degenerative discs. If you have good Health Insurance that is a blessing or you can afford to pay. I’m inviting to continue reading and I’ll discuss some methods of alleviating pain.

What are the exercises?

Stretching the hamstrings; bending over and try touching your toes; do not strain, hold the position for ten seconds and release then repeat ten to fifteen times. Sitting on a chair put one leg on another chair in front of you and try to touch your toes with your fingers hold the position for ten seconds and release then repeat ten to fifteen times.

Stretching the lower back muscles, laying flat on your back, try lifting your knees towards your chest, hold the position for ten seconds and release then repeat ten to fifteen times.

Laying flat on your back arms to your sides and knees bent upwards, lift your head and shoulders as high as you can without hurting yourself as long as your shoulder blades aren’t touching the floor, hold the position and release then repeat ten to fifteen times.

Laying flat on your stomach put your hands flat on the floor, arms to your sides in line with your shoulders and lift the upper torso, while trying to leave the hips on the floor, hold for ten seconds and release then repeat ten to fifteen times.

Low Impact Aerobic Exercises

Walking is a very good form of low impact exercise; however, before walking don’t forget to do the stretches it’s important for the muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Stationary bicycling is another good low impact exercise and you’re sitting down which puts less stress on your lower back and knees.

Step machine is also a good low impact exercise and again you’re standing so you may not want to do that.

Swimming and Water Aerobics is probably the best low impact exercise you could do. It reduces the gravity on your bones; therefore, it keeps you mobile without a lot of pain.

When you’re doing any of the exercises always remember you’re back is in pain don’t over exercise and strain to keep your back from hurting more. Always do the stretches before doing any other exercises. When you do these exercises everyday for a few months you may hurt a little in the beginning. Before you know it, you will feel better and pain free! Remember when you’re exercising your body feels well and it produces endorphins that are a natural painkiller, which your body routinely releases.

Please, feel free to leave your comments below; I would enjoy reading them.

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