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Most Common Causes Of Lower Back Pain Explained In Lay Person’s Language
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Pain can occur in any area of the back. It may occur below the neck, shoulders, in the upper, middle, right or the left or lower side of the back. Each back pain is generally known by the area it afflicts. The most pain prone area, however, is the lumber region of the spine also called the lower back. This explains why most people suffer from lower back pain and search for its relief.

One reason why pain occurs in lower part of the back probably is that when we exert ourselves to pull, push, haul heavy objects, or, we continue to sit for long hours, it is the lower or lumbar region of the spine that is most affected. This is not to suggest that other areas of the spine remain segregated or immune to exertion. The onus of the exertion falls most upon the lower spine.

There are several causes for lower back pain including accidents and falls. But people generally contract back pain in their daily routine due to the following ‘popular’ causes.

1. Jerky actions

In layperson’s language, any action-conscious or reflexive-- that causes a sudden jerk, twist, strain or sprain may cause lower back pain. Quite often you have to consciously apply a jerky action. For example, you may not be able to push, pull or lift a heavy weight just by exerting yourself slowly upon it. You have to collect all your strength and apply it in one sudden quick go. This may be called a jerky action.

2. Exerting more than you can endure

Apart from making jerky actions as defined above, you can contract lower back pain when you exert yourself more than you can endure. You have to haul a heavy suitcase over the roof of a bus. You have to lift your own weight during parallel bars workouts.

Or, you are professionally involved in a kind of heavy work that exerts pressure on your lower back.

3. Inclined postures

Inclined or bent-down postures are the ‘gifts’ of modern day work tools, especially computers. While bending over the computers may be an unavoidable necessity to make a living, millions of people including young kids across the world bend over them for hours together for pleasure and recreation on a daily basis.

4. Sedentary habits

This is in continuation with the inclined postures. Most people hate walking, doing physical exercises, and playing physical games and sports. Instead, they derive more pleasure and fun watching the TV and playing video games. It means continuing to sit for long hours. They get so much absorbed in watching the TV shows or playing video games that they do not realize that they are sitting in inclined/semi inclined and other types of wrong postures that ultimately cause back pain.

You can cure lower back successfully only if you make a determined effort to eliminate it.

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