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To understand man’s ailments, we much know his components. Yes, we have evolved but at what price?

The back is the first thing developed at birth in the embryo. Its main component is the spine. The spine supports the entire body structure and most of the upper body weight with large muscles and strong ligaments attached to its bones and vertebrae. It also contains nerves, muscles, fibres, cartilage, tendons, blood, other fluids and skin.

Inside and running along the entire length of the spine, is the spinal cord. This carries the entire nervous system; nerves coming from the brain and spreading to all other body parts and organs much like a river and its tributaries.

Before man reached complete evolution it walked on its fours; the hands and arms supporting the upper body, and the feet and legs supporting the lower body. In this way the body weight was evenly distributed. As he further evolved, he learned to walk in an upright, standing position. Little thought was given to effects this would have on the entire human body. Now, the spine supports the entire body weight; the upper part with its head and torso and the lower part with its corresponding bones, muscles, and organs.

Because of this pressure and gravity, the discs became increasing compressed with time. The result produced the most common back problems: lower back pain symptoms and upper back pain causes.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

1. Pain is a message that there is a weakness in one of the spine’s components; the muscles or the ligaments.

2. Pain could be traced back to earlier times in life as far as childhood and adolescence. It may have originated with a sudden blow to a disc, improper posture in our growing years, or a traumatic injury in a car accident. A weakness in a muscle or another part of the back in the past left untreated and compensated by an adjusting position worsens and affects the rest of the back. Early treatment is good pain prevention.

3. Continuous pressure to support upright position

4. Slipped disc in lower back. This term is used for weakness in muscles and ligaments caused by stress due to bending or improper posture while sitting or standing. It is neither a disc nor a slip.

5. Trauma, sudden, direct injury, strain, defect in spine, sleep in draft.

6. Referred pain: Other body parts nerves are attached to the back, therefore, any pain from any diseased body part such kidney, tipped uterus, swollen prostate, hernia, hip, cranial, or blood sickness can seem like it comes from the back.

7. Age deterioration: Discs lose their gel, dry out, spaces between vertebrae narrow. After 25 years, one cannot live as in his youth.

8. Sedentary instead of an active lifestyle.

9. Infections, Tumours, Cancers, Vitamin C & D deficiency, Meningitis, Flu, Circulation Disorders- decrease in blood entering due to narrowing of arteries caused by arthritis.

10. Osteoporosis in women- Bones become thinner due to protein loss caused by menopause.

11. Pregnancy causes back pain in women. Pain is due to poor posture and weakened muscles because of additional abdominal weight.

12. Stress, Tension and Fatique. Psychosomatic pains. The mind creates an illness to alleviate the body from work overload. Tension and fatigue cause spasm in muscles causing pain all over back, upper and lower.

Causes of Upper Back Pains

1. Degeneration of cervical discs. This is the neck section of your spine. This condition is associated more with older people because of arthritic changes as well as whiplash. This area is more serious as it contains more nerves. Symptoms affect neck, shoulders, arms, hands.

Early diagnosis leads to proper treatment of course, but the secret and weapon to controlling our back pains is our knowledge.

Pills, injections, massages, hot and cold packs are only temporary and not permanent solutions to weakened, compromised body parts.

Most of our problems stem from ignorance and mismanagement. Knowing the most common causes of back pains and how to control them puts us on the road to a happy, pain-free life.

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