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The 5 Deadly Clothing Items
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The 5 Deadly Clothing Items

Did you know that the clothes that you wear and use everyday can either kill you, hurt you or give you a disease? I know, it’s hard to believe. But, it’s true.

Here are the 5 deadly clothing items:

#1 – Shoelaces

How can shoelaces hurt you? They always come untied. And, you may not be in a position to tie them right away. Do you know how many people get on an escalator with their shoes untied? Too many. If your shoelaces get stuck in the spaces between the moving steps and the side of the escalator, you could actually lose your foot.

#2 – Purses

Purses can actually cause you terrible back pain and could actually kill you. Women have a tendency to overload their purses. I know I do all the time. I put it on my shoulder and I have to lean to one side to keep it on there. This always hurts my back.

How many times have you put your purse down on a sink in the ladies room, on the floor in the ladies room or wherever. Did you know that your purse may be contaminated with over 95,000 bacteria per inch on the bottom. This also includes fecal matter. How disgusting!

#3 – Flip-Flops

Aren’t these the most wonderful shoes in the world? Wrong! Did you know that wearing these things for long periods of time will cause you sore feet and back pain and they will also change your way of walking which will result in muscle imbalances in your legs, knees and even your hips.This will eventually cause you severe back pain.

#4 – Spanx

I can’t believe this is on my list. These things make a woman look so good in those really tight dresses. But, you can’t wear these things too much because they can actually cause nerve damage. And, they may put pressure on your digestive system which could lead to pain in your abdomen. Constant pain in your abdomen will eventually lead to chronic back pain.

#5 – Your bra

We all know that if our bras don’t fit right, they won’t give us the support that we need. But, we have a tendency to wear the wrong size anyway. But, if your bra is too small, the straps could actually cut into your shoulders. Also, if you wear under wire bras, they can actually attract electromagnetic fields and obstruct acupuncture points on your body. If your bra fits too tight, it will interfere with lymph node drainage.

The moral of this story is beware of the 5 deadly clothing items. You may look better in clothes that are tight but you may be causing yourself a lot of pain in the process.

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Joan S  

This makes me want to live in sweats and soft step in shoes. I know what you mean about handbags. Mine weighs a ton.

  about 1 decade ago
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