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Tips For Back Pain And Sleeping
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Tips For Back Pain And Sleeping

Back pain is so common in modern society- we need to consider why?? and what can we do differently to treat the causes? Most people, myself included have suffered from back pain over the years, and many times it has greatly affected my sleep (or lack thereof). I have tried pretty much every technique known to reduce my back pain - chiropractor, physio, acupuncture, cupping, osteopath, pilates, yoga, walking, bowen therapy, fish oil supplements, magnesium - just to name a few. I have personally found that a combination of some of these is working for me!


These are too many to list individually but our modern lifestyle has a lot to answer for... hands up who sits at a computer all day....? Are you a mum of young kids? Does your job involve standing on one spot for long periods of time? Are you holding on to excess fat? All these and more are reasons why we feel pain - particularly lower back pain and shoulder and neck pain. Our bodies are designed by nature to MOVE! We are meant to bend and stretch and flex throughout our daily lives... hands up who does that every day...?! Not unless you are a dancer or a yoga instructor I am guessing!


Saying this, we need to prioritise our health, our body and our sleep - I know it is cliche and annoying to hear all the time but we need to do some form of exercise or MOVEMENT every day. Even going out for a 10 minute walk to the shops for example, is a great start. It gets the blood pumping around your body, increases body functions and inhaling fresh air is extremely beneficial for the body. I know from personal experience, whenever I take my baby daughter for a walk in the pram- out in the fresh air during the day, she sleeps much better that night.....

If you watch TV or read, get down on the floor and do some stretches whilst you are reading or watching. This is both beneficial for your body and mind, as well as muti-tasking at its best!


It is such a simple thought, but many, many people have extremely poor posture. This may be caused by a number of reasons including occupational, childbearing and carrying, arthritis, scoliosis, depression, abuse and low self-esteem, to name a few. The way we hold ourselves says alot about our life and the way we live it. Hunched over shoulders with a tummy hanging out isn't really a sign of confidence and of loving life. I challenge you to think about your posture regularly and to correct yourself - it can make you feel better about yourself instantly! Lightly hold your core muscles to support your spine - enrol in some pilates or yoga classes, become aware of your body and how it makes you feel.

Hopefully, this article may encourage you to look into further possibilities regarding your back pain and sleeping. I always think that if I wasn't born with back pain - then I must be able to fix it! There are natural alternatives available to ease and maybe even cure your back pain. Good Luck!

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