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Tips For Having A Healthy Back
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Tips for Having A Healthy Back

Back pain affects most people at least once in a lifetime. At times the pain is a strain with a more serious problem occurring less of the time. Back strain serves as a warning. The warning is that the back is weak or a bit misaligned. It is much easier to prevent back problems so you can have a healthy back than it is to fix back problems once they have occurred.

One tip for having a healthy back is to have a good mattress to sleep on. Since we typically spend one third of our day in bed, a good mattress is indispensable. A good mattress is not too soft and it is not too firm. A good mattress supports our back along with other areas of our body as we are laying still. Too firm of a mattress can be just as detrimental as too soft a mattress. Recent studies show that a firm mattress is not good for people with back pain. A medium to firm mattress is shown to be better with some people needing a softer mattress. A physician or chiropractor can guide on the best type of mattress for your particular body.

Work stations at work and at home should be designed for the particular needs of the person sitting at the workstation. For instance, some chairs are designed for larger people and some are designed for smaller people. Sitting in the wrong type of chair can impact how your back has to accommodate for the way you are sitting. Having a desk or keyboard too high or too low can create strain in the shoulders and upper back. Having a monitor too high or too low can also cause back strain. Foot rests and other ergonomic items can decrease the strain placed on a back at work. Moving around and getting up at least every fifteen minutes or half an hour can help reduce back strain from sitting all day and is a good tip for having a healthy back.

Lifting items incorrectly can quickly lead to back pain. Carrying children or animals always on one side and bending to accommodate the extra weight can quickly injure a back. Another tip for having a healthy back is to have good posture. Good posture when lifting and carrying items will help reduce the strain on the back. Always lift with the item close to the body, straight back, and knees bent. If you can picture a lever and move the body like a lever, less back strain will occur. Another important tip for having a healthy back is to exercise the back and stretch the muscles of the back. Always consult with your healthcare professional before undertaking any type of exercise program to be sure it is the right one for you. A strong back is less likely to be injured during everyday life.

One of the most important tips for having a healthy back is to keep weight down. Too little or too much weight and the back can suffer. Too much weight causes the muscles to work harder to compensate for the weight. If the weight of the body is out of balance like too big of a belly or chest, the back has to compensate for that and is often strained when attempting to compensate. Weight being too little can cause degenerative changes in the bones of the back creating more problems. Having the correct weight also leads to better posture and better health.

There are times when simple exercises and other methods don’t relieve the pain associated with back trouble. Seek your physician’s advice for pain relief and Physical Therapy or Chiropractic care. Medication may be necessary. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications are often prescribed along with exercise and sometimes anti-spasmodic medications. These medications often reduce inflammation, pain and relax the back and are all over the counter. Always seek your physician’s advice first. Ice and heat sometimes help the back feel better and reduce inflammation and pain. Usually ice first, then heat a few days later. Some alternate ice and heat.

If you want to eliminate back pain from your life, do the little things to take care of your back; as you do the little things, your back will begin to repay you with a better overall feeling of health.


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