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Top 5 Hazardous Pain Medications
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Top 5 Hazardous Pain Medications

This was an eye-opening article for me to write. When I decided to write on this subject, I thought I would be writing about prescription drugs and narcotics. I really didn’t think I would be writing about ordinary pain medications that we all take every day of our lives.

Here are the top 5 hazardous pain medications:

#5 - Aspirin

Yes, you read right. The miracle drug that you take if you feel a heart attack coming on. The drug that is supposed to keep your arteries flowing smoothly so you don’t get clots in your blood.

If you take higher doses of aspirin than what you should, you can double your chances of getting perforated ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding.

Did you know that aspirin has been linked to Reye’s Syndrome? Reye’s Syndrome is a serious condition that causes swelling in the liver and the brain. The symptoms are confusion, seizures and loss of consciousness. The condition most often happens to children and teenagers. So if your child has any of these symptoms, do not give them aspirin.

#4 - Acetaminophen or Tylenol

This was a real shock for me. I use Tylenol all the time for my headaches. Over 56,000 people yearly have to go to the emergency room because they overdosed on Tylenol or acetaminophen, which is the generic name for Tylenol. Tylenol causes over half of all of the liver failures reported.

#3 - Optiate-based Drugs

Optiate-based drugs are Vicodin, Lorcet, Norco, Percocet, Percodan, hydrocodone and oxycodone. If you have ever been in the hospital, I am sure you know these drugs. These are the ones that take your pain away immediately. They are wonderful, or are they! Did you know that 16,000 people per year die from overdoses of these drugs?

#2 - NSAIDs

NSAIDs are Advil, Aleve, ibuprofen and naproxen. If you have chronic back pain or arthritis, you have probably been taking one of these for long periods of time. Did you know that the odds of dying after taking one of these drugs are 1 in 1,200? Yes, 1 in 1,200! 16,500 people die per year from taking these pain medications and 16,685 people die from Aids every year. This is really scary stuff.

Ok, we are down to the #1 hazardous pain medication - drum roll please!

#1 - Cox-2 Inhibitors

What are these drugs? They are Celebrex and celecoxib. The National Cancer Institute has determined that people taking 400 mg of Celebrex had a 250% greater chance of dying from a heart attack or stroke. If your doctor prescribed 800 mg, you have a 340% greater chance of dying from a heart attack or stroke.

Bottom line, don’t take this stuff. Look for a natural alternative to reducing your pain and inflammation.

Street Talk

What are you telling me that the Celebrex that the Oncologist has prescribed for my wife is bad for her..???

  about 1 decade ago

They sure do. I am really learning a lot since I decided to take my back pain cure into my own hands. Glad you enjoyed the article.

  about 1 decade ago

Very good article you picked to write about....More people should know this information...thanks for sharing this info to help get these facts across to more of them......too many people take too much of these OTCs

  about 1 decade ago
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