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What To Do After Filing Bankruptcy
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One of the best things to do to make things easier is to eliminate what led you into after filing bankruptcy in the first place. Unlike the government who has the monopoly of printing new currencies, we have no such luxury as a way of getting out of our financial problems. What then is the first step in the right direction?

Well, things can be pretty tough for most people after filing bankruptcy. In my own experience after after filing bankruptcy, I had to realize that the way I managed money was not really the best way to do it.

I had a burning desire to own all the luxuries every one else was enjoying, even though I could not really afford them. But true to my wishes, this did not prevent me from acquiring costly things we did not need. As a result, I became trapped in a chronic financial mess. Before I knew it, I could not but watch helplessly as my Jeep was lost to repossession. I also lost other valuable items of property. It was then it dawn on me that my finances needed urgent help and quick fixing.

Instead of having someone else do the fixing for me, I was poised to manage my money wisely so as to create a strong foundation to build on. I asked friends and family who were good with money how they manage their resources. This opened my eyes wide enough to see the solution to my problems. I took some steps to help me recover from my predicament.

The major step I took after filing bankruptcy was to start paying our bills early enough. I made a promise to myself that all bills from then on would be paid on time. I soon found out how much I could save in late fees and overdrafts. And you know what? The joy and contentment in being responsible are beyond the description of words! I must say it was not easy at first. But soon enough, the short-term sacrifices were worth more the long-term stability in my finances. I can proudly say that things are a bit easier today than they were many years ago.

I also took it upon myself to avoid finance companies. Look, I know it is easy to get loans or credit from a finance company. And in fact, some people who are ill-informed will still tell you to go for it. Well, I have to say that loan from a finance company is bad! Apart from the fact that it is very expensive, I bet it with you that having a finance company appear on your credit reports will ultimately lower FICO credit scores. This makes every other thing pretty expensive!

After filing bankruptcy, the last thing you will want to do is to go to a finance company for lending. Please, you need to stay away from them at all cost, except you are willing to pay their exorbitant 25% and working with lenders who are friends with the maffia! Debt is like a disease. If you secure a debt to pay off another, you will end up needing to "cure" the new disease you have contracted. So, try to avoid debt after filing bankruptcy.

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