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My First Niche Is Online Advertising
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My First Niche Is Online Advertising

In the past, the usual practice is that online advertising is an expense paid by internet marketers either through a swapped time/efforts or cash out money to purchase for traffic flow to their websites or offers. How to make money with online advertising from advertising that pays automatically programs are nowhere to be heard. In fact the big question during that time: is there a way to make money online?

A New Emerging Industry (Game Changer)

But times have changed, a fast emerging industry on the internet today are exposing your offers to thousands if not millions of buyers. And you the advertiser is getting paid for it. This is a powerful concept and at the same time wonderful avenue for everyone to earn massive income. Your source of earning potentials are coming from all directions. You are already earning when you participate on a particular advertising platform also when you advertise your particular offer and somebody availed your offer all of the income coming from your particular sale is 100% awarded to you. Indeed a welcome change as it gears up to benefit the majority of online advertisers especially the small ones. The answer to the question: Is there a way to make money online? Has been increasingly popular.

Of course you need to check whether this advertising company is legit or not. As there are thousands of ways how to make money online, there are also millions of ways to lose your money on the internet. It can come from either a scam, a hype up product or just simply a program which is although legit but is not really for you. These situations can be further aggravated by typical people with unrealistic expectation who keeps jumping from offer to offer falling prey to attractive packages most internet products are made of. With this scenario most internet marketers after spending considerable amount of time and precious dollars end up with nothing on their hands. What this new industry is advocating is instead for you to lose or spend your money on advertising, they are now paying you through different compensation plan or revenue share or to whatever payment plan the particular company has adapted. A shining industry where practically everybody can win.

With that said, let me confidently say that my favorite niche on the internet are advertising that pays programs. I sincerely believe that this is one of the most powerful niche on the internet today with the capacity to explosively deliver you internet income. A highly plausible avenue to create real wealth with tendency for viral growth. Since the products are advertising credits which you can use to promote whatever you like on the internet. It can make your offers spread like wildfire bringing you massive income that is of course given that your campaign has the right components to be successful.

Basic Criteria For Choosing Your Programs.

Make money from online advertising industry then is pretty exciting because you never know, it may suddenly explode and the financial reward is indeed very great. I qualify these programs based on the following criteria:

1.) The product or the ad credits. This is very important because you want to get real results from your ad package not just a made up product so that an investment scheme will push through. I am monitoring mine with the ad tracker I get from my Traffic Wave subscription.

2.) The management team of the program or the company that handles the program. You need to know that services are handled professionally and whether the program will be there for the long haul. It is your money after all and the longer the company stays the more profits and benefits that you will get. It needs to be handled by proven people who has verifiable track records of being experts on this industry. The leaders of the company should have the integrity that they can really handle such big enterprise of high growth potential and not run away with your money.

3.) The compensation plan. Of course we are on this for the rewards so an attractive compensation plan with a viable structure of sustainability is a very welcome feature. Generally, these are presented with options of a totally passive income or for some with a recruiting requirement in order to earn. Most of the time however, these two options of earning are present as ways to earn.

These make money from online advertising programs are fast mushrooming on the internet and you need to be selective. I track my results and I post it on my site, this is the niche I am passionate about as I want to see real results for my fellow internet marketers.

My Own Chosen Programs.

So let me briefly describe the specific programs I am implementing on this niche. My adapted system or strategy, are composed of an auto responder which should be a basic tool even with whatever niche you are in and the second are advertising platforms also a basic necessity since all businesses on the internet needs traffic. Now what sets this apart from the usual basic tools and resources on the internet is its potential of giving you a massive income. And this is a continuous lifetime income. Of course this remains to be seen as we are just yet starting to see the results of using my strategy. But the chances are looking bright as this is built on a mathematical premise and not on a hype up assumption.

Actually these compensation plans are already there since year 2000, what I just did is combine the system and turbo charged it with another paid advertising which are solo ads. Solo ads are well known to be very effective and has the potential to build your online business really fast! Both of these programs are available on trial periods. So, no worries see it first before committing to anything and hey it is a very low investment especially when you are still on your trial period. Now compare this to the big potential income (about $176K or more per month).

The programs that I used on this strategy came from a tested, proven and very reputable companies. First is Traffic Wave an auto responder service provider. Been on this service and the same compensation plan is already applied since year 2000. Next is an online advertising platform The Online Ad Network also from the CEO/co-founder of Traffic Wave Brian Rooney. And third is Staged an advertising platform where you spread your chosen video from You Tube, Daily Motion , etc, using your social media sites accounts. This is powerful medium since we already witnessed how these videos can really spread worldwide.These three programs are very valuable by themselves. An auto responder which of course as I have mentioned before is a basic tool when you are into online business. Second are advertising platforms which will provide traffic, the lifeblood of all making money online business.

I also devised a step by step guide on my specific approach. If these interests you, include your name and email address to one of the subscription form there so I can send you the free details through daily instructions. You do not have to get overwhelmed of the many tasks to set up this type of business. I also put it in a step by step, bit by bit, delivery of vital information, so you start with confidence and perfect efficiency.

Street Talk

Hi Arnel, My wish to you is a very good morning and the next parts of the day. I just passed by to say hello and to tell you that I like your article because it is rich and informative. Thank you very much.

  about 9 years ago

You're welcome Geoffrey Moni, hope to hear from you more as I continue posting. Thank you also for your time.

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  about 9 years ago
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