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Detroit Tigers Cruise Through Spring Training
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Detroit Tigers Cruise Through Spring Training

The Detroit Tigers are having a sensational spring training and are proving their off-season acquisitions have improved their team dramatically. If they can sustain this level of play with their split squad rosters, than just imagine how well they will play with the Major League Baseball roster. This spring they went 15-6 and even though it's spring training it's very respectable.

This off-season the Detroit Tigers acquired Prince Fielder from the Milwaukee Brewers and bolstered their offense considerably. Last season-their pitching was among the best in the league and a few adjustments has refined their rotation as well. Could the Detroit Tigers be the team to beat this year?

In the Central division, the Tigers really don't have much competition to worry about. Although, the Chicago Whitesox should recover from last year's disappointments, it seems like the Tigers might be too strong for them again this year. With Ozzie Guillen now the Marlins manager, the Whitesox have a new manager and have made some optimistic changes themselves.

The Minnesota Twins should-not-be a threat at all this year, unless by some miracle they get their act together. Besides, they still don't have-the-talent or depth the Tigers-have and they still have several growing years left before they are contenders again. The Houston Astros have moved to the American League Central, but I doubt if they will give the Tigers any problems.

The Cleveland Indians and Kansas City Royals will most likely be the same hopeless teams they were last year. On the other hand, the Royals have a lot of exciting young talent and I believe in a few years they will have a good competitive team. Until then it looks like the Tigers will dominate the American League Central again, just like last year as they won the division easily with a 15-game lead. They will still have to deal with the other powerful American League teams, but the Tigers are planning a return trip to the World Series. As long as they stay healthy, than-there-should-not-be an issue with their high expectations.

In conclusion, the Detroit Tigers have-a-proficient team this year and they have a great chance to win it all. They should have a lot more offensive fire power and with Justin Verlander leading the pitching rotation, they will be tough to beat again. All around the Tigers are-loaded from the bullpen to the bench and nothing short of the World Series Title will be-sufficient enough for them.

Street Talk

Robert, Sounds like there's been a lot of changes already! THanks for the round up. blessings, Cynthia

  about 1 decade ago

Yeah Cynthia, they acquired a big hitter and they have a promising team this year. If they stay healthy they have a good chance to win it all.

  about 1 decade ago


  about 1 decade ago

Enjoyed the article, it is nice to get a bit of inside info when you live the other side of the world, and get to see so few games.

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks Rob, yeah I think about your situation all of the time now. B/c I thought Amercian sports were popular on your side of the world, but I guess I was mis-informed. I love watching soccer/futbol as you call it! I love sports no matter what the sport is I love it!

  about 1 decade ago

The only channel we get covering your sport is ESPN and to keep up with what is happening I use the web.

  about 1 decade ago

Really, I thought there was more networking than that? Like when you told me you don't watch football, I was surprised b/c football is getting really big in the U.S.! But I do know that futbol is a lot bigger than american football in Europe and in the Western part of the world. I wish the US would enjoy futbol more, but they really don't understand the game or think it is excitiing I guess. Actually, I think that will be my next article. I love watching the World Cup, it really is exciting to watch, but I also played soccer in my younger years. So, maybe that gives me an edge over the people that didn't and just don't find it interesting, but I think those people need to open there eyes b/c they are missing a great game!

  about 1 decade ago
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