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How To Increase Your Velocity?
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How to Increase Your Velocity?

Every pitcher wishes they could throw faster. Even pitchers who are already blessed with extraordinary velocity still dream of throwing faster.

There is an abundance of pitchers looking to increase their velocity, but there are few who truly understand. Throwing faster is a combination of several different elements.

Pitchers must have effective mechanics, a proper strength training regime, proper recovery techniques, and an appropriate throwing program. The most important aspect to throwing faster is the pitching mechanics.

Every pitcher must be working on a daily basis to improve their pitching mechanics. This complex movement is responsible for the majority of potential velocity.

So, what can you change in your mechanics to increase your velocity?

There are several aspects to focus on.

First, you must avoid the traditional balance point. This position is when your body is perpendicular at the peak of your leg lift. Instead, pitchers should already be moving towards home. Leading towards home implies that your weight has already shifted, your drive knee is inside your hip, and your driving with your lead hip towards home.

Secondly, pitchers must attempt to increase their stride speed and length. These two aspects are essential for velocity. Stride speed is a direct result of effective back leg drive, and stride length is the result of good stride speed.

Thirdly, you must increase your hip to shoulder separation. Hip to shoulder separation is responsible for about 80 percent of potential velocity.

There are several other mechanical factors that can influence your velocity, but these are the most important.

The second aspect to throwing faster is a proper strength training regime. A pitchers routine is unique, and must be specifically tailored. There are some basic groundrules to abide by when structuring a pitcher strength training routine:

  • pitchers must avoid barbell bench press or military press
  • there should be a focus on compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, or lunges
  • every exercise should be designed to increase strength and explosiveness
  • there should be a heavy focus on the lower half and core muscles, but there you must still maintain muscular balance.

By following these guidelines, you will remain healthy and you will put yourself in a position to increase velocity. You should consider incorporating med ball training, plyometrics, and agilty training into your routine for maximum results.

No one said pitching faster was easy, and by understanding this, you are already on your way to achieving excellent results. Dedicate yourself, and work hard day-in and day-out to becoming the best pitcher you can be.

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