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Basketball Shooting Tips
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Basketball Shooting Tips

These basketball shooting tips are common to all good basketball players and are designed to assist coaching basketball players of all ages.

Basketball shooting at all levels involves the repetitive practicing of the mechanics of shooting and the ability to excute the shot flawlessly without thinking about the process. Shooting the basketball requires hand-eye coordination and proper shooting form as one element and they will also require depth perception, shot velocity, angle of release and trajectory as well to be successful.

We will begin reviewing basketball shooting tips by focusing on the very basics of shooting which start with the shooters grip.

Shooters Grip

Fundamental to shooting success is having the proper grip and while this is often overlooked, the grip, is key to shooting. The dominant hand is placed under the ball with the fingers of the shooting hand spread apart. The thumb and index finger will form a "Y" with the ball positioned on the fingertips. The other hand is placed on the ball to support the grip and to keep the ball from falling out of the shooters hand. I have seen many shooters attempt to shoot the ball with one hand unsuccessfully because you cannot control the manner or direction with which the ball will travel when it is released.

The two hands should be close to one another but not overlapping with a comfortable space between the thumbs. The fingers of the shooting hand should be spread as wide as possible with the ball resting on the fingertips and along the base of the fingers. Also, the shooters elbows should be close to the body with the elbow directly beneath the shooting hand to achieve better shot control. This will eliminate shots with side spin or no spin at all.

Triple Threat Position

As important as it is to develop the proper grip, it is equally important to have a stable base. The triple threat position offers the best foundation for balance and versatility.

It is called the triple threat position because it is a low balanced stance which allows the shooter to either shoot the ball, pass the ball, or drive to the basket. Having a low center of gravity will aid the shooter with lift for a jump shot and it increases the versatility with which the shooter can use to create a shot opportunity for himself or another teammate.

Shooting Technique

Now that we know how to grip the ball correctly and we have established our triple threat position, it is time to address our shooting technique. Coaches often instruct their players to square up to the basket before taking their shot. This means the player should have his shoulders and body facing the basket to increase the chances of scoring.

Secondly, good basketball shooters practice long hours to develop eye-hand coordination to "groove" their shot. Repetition and practice are key to developing that shot that appears effortless and automatic night in and night out.

Third, the release of all shots depends on the proper grip and wrist control of the shot. The wrist should be cocked back so that there are wrinkles in the shooters hand. With the shooting arm extended the wrist should flick the ball towards the basket and if this is correctly done, the basketball will travel to the basket with an easy reverse spin.

Basketball shooting is predicated on executing fundamentals and these basketball shooting tips if practiced consistently will assist a player in becoming a better shooter that scores more consistently and more efficiently.

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