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Breaking Down Golden State Warriors Season Schedule
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Breaking Down Golden State Warriors Season Schedule

The star player is caught up in a sexting scandal. The starting point guard injured his ankle that was just surgically repaired in the off season. They have new owners, a new head coach and the same nucleus of players that missed the playoffs last season.

In the wake of the news of a possible sexting scandal involving Monta Ellis the Golden State Warriors are preparing to start their season on Christmas night, and most likely without their starting point guard.

Stephen Curry reinjured yet again the same ankle he rolled multiple times last year and the very same one that he had off season surgery on to try and prevent this from happening again. He just kind of slipped going back playing defense, and it was like he had just been shot.

The lockout created a condensed 66 game season that is going to see some teams playing up to four games in five nights. This means if you’re not young and deep, you are going to be dragging ass up and down the court.

In the interest of time, I'm going to break down the Warriors schedule by month and play out the season fantasy style to see how many wins the W's will come up with.

I'm figuring it will take roughly 36-40 wins to make the post season in the Western Conference. There are teams heading in both directions in the division like the newly formed Lob City Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers for example. These two teams could be on opposite ends of the spectrum than they are inherently used to.

Dec- Four games all at home vs. Lob City, Da Bulls, Knicks, and Sixers. Conventional thinking here would say they maybe have a chance against the Knicks and or Sixers. Best case they start with two wins, worst case 0-4.

Jan- Fifteen games and eight at home. While a lot of their opening games are at home, they have a murderer's row lined up to face them. There's a 3 team roadie to start the month vs. Suns, Spurs, Lakers. Oh my, this could be 0-7 at this point. Back home to face the Jazz, Heat, and Magic. The three toughest games at the end of the month are in a row vs. the Grizz, Blazers, and Thunder. They will be lucky to be sniffing .500 at this point.

Feb- Thirteen games and six are at home. This could be a tricky month as most of their games are on the road against teams that they can beat, but those games can go either way as any longtime fan of the Warriors knows all too well.

March- Eighteen games and ten are at home. This is another make or break month for the team. Depending upon how well they perform up to this point will be all the difference. The hardest games this month are against the Grizz, Mavs, Clips, Celtics, and Lakers.

April- Sixteen games and only six are at home. If they want to even be sniffing the playoffs this year, they had better have a good number of wins coming into this month. Only six of sixteen are at home, and they're playing the likes of the Mavs twice, Lakers twice, Spurs twice, the Clips and the Grizz again.

That is a lineup of terror for Warrior fans. Just by playing the season out via the schedule things don't look so great for the home team. Who knows what tricks new head coach Mark Jackson could pull out of his sleeve, or how the rookies will play, or how Kwame Brown and Dom McGuire will help them on defense.

The Warriors obviously have many more questions at this point than they do answers. That is the biggest problem facing Mark Jackson is answering as many of those questions as he can. A little help from the general manager of getting bigger and better pieces couldn't hurt either.

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