D - Will To Join Mavs After Nets Buyout
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D  -  will to Join Mavs After Nets Buyout


If you guys already did not know about this, Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams has been struggling for the last years due to injuries, and in some sense team chemistry. This led to the general manager Billy King to announce that “it was just time” for Deron Williams to move on after four seasons with the team.

If you have been a fan of the game, you know that Deron Williams was known as one of the best point guards in the game when he played with the Utah Jazz. However, since his trade to the Nets, everything went downhill for him. The organization finally found that Brooklyn was not the home for him.

Billy King added, “I think we both made it work — tried to make it work — I think we had some great moments with him”. Is he saying this because he has to? Probably, but he knows that a change had to be done.

Soon after, Brooklyn decided to buy out the remaining of the $43 million on Williams’ contract for $27.5 million, with payments to him spread over the next five seasons, sources previously told ESPN.

QUICK FACT: Buying out a player means that you pay someone to leave your team. Doesn’t sound like something nice does it? However, King decided that he would rather pay him off to better his team, that drown in his contract for the coming years.

Right after Williams clears waivers and leaves the team, he is expected to sign a two-year contract with the Dallas Mavericks worth about $10 million, sources stated. The reason why Deron Williams is probably excited about this offer is that he will be receiving the money Brooklyn owes him on top of the money Dallas will give to him. Sounds like a pretty good deal if you ask me.


When Brooklyn Nets head coach Lionel Hollins was asked if any brawl or confrontation led to his decision, he had a simple answer.

“You do not coach in the NBA and not have confrontation,” Hollins said. “If you don’t have confrontation, but you’re trying to impose your will on players to do what is best for the team, and a lot of the time players have their own mindset of what’s best for them. And so ‘clash’ is a wrong word, and if people think Deron Williams was let go because something happened between us, then I should have let Zach Randolph go, I should have let Tony Allen go, I should have let Marc Gasol go, I should have let Rudy Gay go.”

“We wouldn’t have done this if we didn’t get under the tax,” King said. “It wasn’t a mandate. It was just something that I felt — the goal. If we’re not going to be championship-level, there’s no need to be a taxpayer.”

The good thing about this for the Nets is that they are freeing up cap room in order to really make a strong case for the free agency next summer, when Kevin Durant will be wanted by everybody.

“I think we were being realistic and said, ‘OK. We’re not where we wanted to be, so now we reshuffle the deck, we have a great chance to create a lot of cap space for next year,” King said. “We’re able to retain some young players. We kept some of the core together and added some new athleticism, so I think we’re headed in that direction.”

The Mavericks, sources told ESPN’s Marc Stein, did not want to pursue a trade for Williams because they did not want to include him in their salary cap. Therefore, giving him the two-year $10 million contract.

With the departure of Williams, the Nets seem to have nobody for point guard. Well they do have Jarrett Jack and Steve Blake, but they do need to make some moves to fill that spot.

He averaged 16.6 points, 7.5 assists and 3.2 rebounds per game with a true shooting percentage of 54.0 for the Nets.

“We’re going to lose a lot in Deron as a player, but it’s going to be a good move for him, going back home with his family, and it’s a different — maybe it is a fresh start,” Hollins said. “But it’s a different look from being in New York for all this time, with the expectations and the team not reaching some of the potential everybody expected it to be. So it works out for both. We probably get a little bit shorter end of the stick just because of his talent, but he hadn’t reached the level people expected him to in New York, and with everything that had gone on, I don’t know if he would have, but it’s probably for the best for both parties.”

When I look at this signing for the Mavericks, it is an excellent one. Since losing Jason Kidd, Dallas has not been able to find a great guard to fill the role. With this addition, they are really trying to get over the slump of losing Deandre Jordan and make a run this year in the western conference.

Would this be enough for Dallas? We will see in this coming season. Let me know what you think!

Hagop Margossian

Founder of Spark Sports

Street Talk

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