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Increase Vertical Leap - Jumpsoles Review
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Increase Vertical Leap - Jumpsoles Review

What are Jumpsoles?

Jumpsoles are weighted frontal training platforms that you attach to your shoes while training.  Over the years, there are mixed reviews regarding the effectiveness of Jumpsoles.  Some have claimed to increase vertical leap by 10-12 inches while most claim they make training unstable and can cause some serious injuries.  So are they really effective or not?  I will try to dissect this subject with my fair and unbiased Jumpsoles review.

Jumpsoles Safety

Let us tackle the safety of using the device.  To use the device, you basically attach or wear it on your toes (which your shoes on) which then leaves your heels hanging from the ground.  I tried doing the exercises with it and it was very stressful on my knees and the instability further added to knee strains.  Be careful when training with it.

Review of the Famous Jumpsoles

These platforms are probably the most widely-famous increase vertical leap devices.  They were introduced in the market in the mid 90’s during the Chicago Bulls era. 

I’m 5’7” and tried one out just recently. Call me crazy because I believed all the hype after reading an online review.  Let’s now move on to the review. When you buy the jumpsoles, you will also get a training manual which teaches you exercises to strengthen you calves  However, the training manual mainly and only consists of basic plyometric exercises with some light weight training workouts to go along – not really ones that you need to increase vertical leap.

Makers also have the notion that the elevated platform makes your calf muscles more powerful.  However, I think and I believe that training while on an elevated platform negates the effectiveness of training in a balanced stance.  How you can properly and efficiently train with your heels off the ground is beyond me.  Just take this instance in weight training, would you bench press a bar with 20kg on the left and 15kg on the right?  Stability plays a big role in training and most would rather do it without the jumpsoles.

Flaw in the Jumpsoles Progam

They also forget jumping higher is not all about the calves.  Jumpsoles primarily focus on increasing the strength of your calves but in reality, most of your jumping explosion comes from your quadriceps, hamstring, abdominals and other muscles in your body. You should work on those muscles more to maximize your full jumping potential.


There is no scientific approach to increase vertical leap.  All you have to do is the traditional hard work and discipline in training.  Things that athletes these days tend to take for granted.  The thing is there is no easy way out. If you want to jump higher, you should work hard for it by following this program to increase vertical leap. Don't fall into the hype of these so called “innovations” like jumpsoles.  Manufacturers of these products are there to make money and get the most out of you guys so be smart and don’t get fooled like me.  

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