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Want To Shake Your Defenders? Learn How To Do A Crossover In Basketball!
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Do you know what it feels like to make someone fall with a vicious crossover move?

I do.

If you don’t then you’re missing out. Or maybe you have crossed someone and made them fall but can you do it at will?

Plain and simple the crossover dribble move is a highly effective move but it is only effective if you do it the right way. Most people don’t know how to do it the right way which is why it may not be very effective when they use it.

Let me tell you exactly how to pull off a wicked crossover move on your defenders.

First you have to keep the ball low. When you cross the ball to your other hand it can be very easy to steal if you don’t dribble the ball low. Keep the ball low enough so that your defender will have a hard time trying to steal it.

When you do a crossover you want to do it quickly. You want to snap the ball from your right hand to your left hand or from your left hand to your right hand.

You also want to include head, shoulder, and foot fakes as well. You want to fool your defender into thinking you’re going one way when you’re actually going another way.

So if you’re doing a crossover move from right to left you want to look in your right direction and then snap the ball to your left. You can also do the same with your shoulders and feet. You can do a jab step to the right as well and move your shoulders to the right as if you’re going to drive right and then snap the ball into your left hand and drive left.

The reason this move is so effective at making your defender fall is because their mind and their body are confused as to where exactly you’re trying to go with the ball so they may trip up on their feet or slip.

So to put it all together you want to dribble the ball with your right hand and then make a right jab step and a head and shoulder fake to the right, and then quickly snap the ball to your left hand and drive left. You can do the same thing with your left hand, but that is basically how you pull off a killer crossover move on your defender.

Don’t stop here! The crossover dribble is a deadly move but there are so many other moves that are very effective once done correctly.

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