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Frameless Shower Screen - Only ONE In Malaysia That's Better
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Frameless Shower Screen  -  only ONE In Malaysia That\'s Better

You would be advised to learn more about shower screens here as there is more to just ordering a new shower screen. This knowledge will avoid the frustrations caused by inexperienced or high volume suppliers and allow you years of a well-constructed premium product.

There is a newly launched Frameless Shower Screen that features the “5-Less Innovation!

1. Frameless

2. Fungusless

3. Less stains

4. Less seepage

5. Less gaps

As you read this, you will see why you need to have a total understanding before you go about simply getting your shower screen just based on cheaper price. You know what they say ‘there are reasons why things are cheap’.

Only an innovative manufacturer can give you ALL these benefits which results in a Shower Screen that will look fresh and clean as if it was just installed. Now that will certainly put a smile whenever you take a shower!

The benefits you should expect:

The business owner should see you, not some workers

Experienced installer

Selected quality components

Fast turnaround delivery

Responsive service with ability to make on the spot decisions, “no need to go back to ask the boss”

? Quick follow-up After Sales service, no need to wait in queue before workers are free to service your request

This type of shower screen, referred to as “Frameless Shower Screen”, is made of 10mm thick tempered glass, has been around for quite a long time. However, shower screen suppliers kept on giving customers the same old screen which had quite a bit of problems.


The biggest and most ugly problem was fungus tend to grow around the edges of the fixed panel. After several months of use, black spots start to grow. This is fungus! And it cannot be cleaned away with whatever detergents or chemicals. This is because fungus does not grow on the surface of the silicon but spreads into it.

When you ask the supplier about this, they will tell you they use “fungus resistant silicon”. Notice the word “resistant”, it does not say “anti fungus”. What that means is in time, fungus will eventually grow, only after a prolonged period, but nevertheless grow!

Fungus can be eradicated by using innovative installation methods.

Water Stains

We have thought long and hard on why this happens. The stains are caused by water marks drying up to leave the stain. In addition, soap suds also add to the stains. These stains cannot be cleaned if left for an extended period of time as the stains “eat” into the glass surface and as far as we know, there are no known chemicals to clean away the stains.

Water Seepage

Water seepage occurs mainly at the bottom of the shower door. Although a plastic strip, referred to as a water seal, is added to the bottom of the glass door, a poorly measured door will still result is water seeping out when showering.

This problem is due to poor and careless measurement by inexperienced staff of suppliers! In the interest of doing sales volume, the supplier’s staff cannot afford the time to do a detailed and precise measurement to minimize water seepage of the shower screen.

However, be informed that seepage can only be kept to a minimum and cannot be completely water-tight.

If site conditions are right, water seepage can almost be eradicated!


Again, this is attributed to the above – poor measurement. A good supplier should take the time to ensure gaps are kept to a minimum.

Walls and floor are never 100% vertical and horizontal. When walls are built, the workmen simply do not ensure true verticalness. The floor is understandably sloping to allow water to drain.

What other suppliers do is simply use silicon to cover the gaps and this result in thick layers of silicon which eventually leads to huge patches of black ugly fungus.

Now that you know everything about getting the best frameless shower screens, you can make an informed decision on who to appoint as your frameless shower screen supplier.

You also now know why big companies may not be the best choice, simply because they are chasing after many customers in order to cover heavy overheads and maximize profits. Also, the person servicing you is a salaried employee who may not have your best interest at heart.

They also cannot spare the time to innovate and improve the inherent problems. Their business philosophy is to close the sale, collect the money and not worry about what happens few months later when fungus starts to grow, excessive water seeping out, glass is all stained.

Your frameless shower screen should look new and clean as if it was installed just yesterday.

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