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Frameless Shower Screen - Why Price Should Not Be The Only Factor
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Frameless Shower Screen  -  Why Price Should Not Be the Only Factor

This article will explain why pricing should not be the first and only consideration in choosing a frameless shower screen supplier. We all know too well why things can be cheaper than others! Consider paying a little extra for a premium product that is a cut above others.

Assess is it worth paying extra for an end product that is more durable, something that will last longer, that will be more pleasing as you will have to look & use on a daily basis.

OK, great! You now have totally learnt everything there is to know about frameless shower screens. Obviously, the next step is to locate a supplier to meet your high standards acquired with the new knowledge of how a well-constructed frameless shower screen should be.

Basically, there are 4 types of suppliers:

o Large companies

o Specialty suppliers

o Glass & picture frame shops

o Renovation contractors, Architects & Interior Designers

I like to describe the strengths & weaknesses, pros and cons of each type of suppliers.

Large companies

These types of suppliers not only supply frameless shower screens but the whole range of glass and aluminium products. You name it, they have it! Frameless shower screen is just one in the product range. They tend to cater to the masses, bid for construction projects, participate in exhibitions.

Think about it. Do they have time for you? These companies are in for the volume as they have extremely large overheads to cover. It is a game of “get-the-job”, “install-it”, “get-paid”, “bye bye”. Time is money to them and cannot spare the time to innovate or improve the screen let alone spend an extra few minutes to explain what a well-constructed frameless shower screen should be.

You would be talking to their Sales staff, general workers most likely foreigners will be installing for you. Again, they have many sets to install in a day, rushing from one job to another.

Specialty suppliers

These are usually small companies operated by the owner or a partnership. The proprietors would generally have worked in the above category before striking out on their own.

They are more experienced and caring leaving their reputation on the line. They have to be as they mainly rely on satisfied customers referring business to them.

However, the big drawback is that they generally are not too well educated with limited creativity. They exists from day to day with the same old installation methods that does not benefit the clients in terms of long term extended aesthetics and practicality.

Glass & picture frame shops

Shower doors are also just one of their product line up. They are not specialist in frameless shower screens but picture frames.

Their methods are the same as the above described and are also lowly educated.

Renovation contractors, Architects & Interior Designers

Avoid this category at all cost. They are merely middle-men. They have zero knowledge or old fashioned knowledge at best.

You would think with their exposure, they would have the knowledge to know what is best for you. Think again! They are mostly commission agents, or advisors with little practical on the ground experience.

If you are building from ground up, do not include shower screens into the contract but appoint a supplier separately. The contractor, architect or designer will usually include the cheapest option for you, and we all know what the “cheapest option” is all about!


So having read these articles, you are now in a position to make an informed decision about who and how best to go about getting a frameless shower screen.

Not so easy, right? But you now know better!

To leave you with another piece of advice, talk to a professional shower screen supplier even before your renovation or building starts. The professional can advise what is the best configuration for the shower area.

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