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6 Benefits Of Natural Skin Care Routine
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A skin care routine is part of anyone's life; however what are the benefits of using only a natural skin care routine?

Usually it's our face that people see first, it's by what they judge us. Therefore, having good, healthy looking skin is essential if we want to make the right impression and appear successful. The cosmetic industry would have us believe that this can only be achieved by using expensive products. However, many of those cosmetic products contain harmful and even toxic ingredients. These can cause long lasting effects and can even bring on signs of aging.

In the last few years there has been a move towards using more natural skin care products. In the past, natural makeup was seen as something used by those who chose 'alternative lifestyles'. That is no longer the case.

More and more women are choosing natural skin care routines and are seeing the benefits from it. You can too. In fact skin care products which are natural and/or organic can boost your skin in ways that it's not possible for 'traditional' makeup and cosmetic products to do.

Here are 6 benefits that you will see to your skin if you use only natural skin care products:

  • No More Clogged Pores. Natural skin care products are kinder to your skin and because they are natural - it's better for your skin. In the production of 'traditional' makeup many artificially produced chemicals are used and these can damage your skin. This can lead to outbreaks and other skin care problems.
  • Natural Oils Nourish Your Skin. The naturally occurring minerals and oils in natural cosmetics will do much to 'feed' your skin. The skin will easily absorb these and will provide a natural moisturizer for your skin. Therefore you lessen the need to use so much moisturizing creams.
  • Natural Sunscreen. Protection from the harmful effects of the sun is essential to prevent premature aging. Many of the mineral foundations on the market contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which act at natural sunscreen ingredients. Therefore, synthetic ingredients don't accumulate in the body, which can then affect the healthy functioning of internal organs.
  • Gentle For Your Skin. The traditional makeup being sold by the large multi-nationals contain chemicals which are harsh for your skin. This can result in damaged skin which results in itchiness, acne outbreaks and red blotches. When this happens, consumers will to other skin care products, but because they also contain synthetic chemicals, matters are made worse. By using natural skin care products, a person will greatly reduce skin irritations and allergies. Natural skin care products are much gentler to the skin. People with very sensitive skin should be aware of the fact that even natural and organic skin care products could still irritate the skin.
  • Eco Friendly Skin Care. What is the 'footprint' that your skin care routine is leaving? Think about the chemicals used in the manufacturing process, packaging that fills land dumps, and the effect on our bodies. This has caused people to think more about the ecological impact that their skin care routine is having. No animal testing is used with natural skin care and organic makeup products. The ingredients are biodegradable. Many natural cosmetics packaging is also recyclable. So a person who purchases natural skin care products can be safe in the knowledge that the environment wasn't harmed.
  • Fantastic Results. Each year millions of dollars, pounds and Euros are spent by the big cosmetic companies promoting their products. We've all seen the TV ads and the famous models who are paid to endorse their products. This cost is passed on to us as consumers, therefore the cost of 'traditional makeup' is greatly inflated. We also start to believe the hype that "we're worth it". What many people don't realise is that natural skin care and organic makeup products give the same long lasting results as 'traditional makeup'. Also less money is spent on advertising, so dollar for dollar you are getting more for your money. Of course now that natural skin care and organic makeup products are becoming more popular each consumer needs to first of all research products for quality. If you buy skin care and makeup products that have been 'organically' certified, then you can be sure of buying quality.

When thinking about a natural skin care routine - remember that a lot of time and money is spent in caring for your appearance. You really are worth it, so why settle for anything less than natural skin care products?

You may think that the price natural skin care and organic makeup products are higher - you will spend less money in the long-run because there will be less need to purchase moisturizers and less need to purchase skin care products in order to reduce the effects of the chemicals used in 'traditional' makeup.

As someone who cares about their appearance, choose natural skin care products for your natural beauty.

The more you find out about how natural makeup, natural skin care and organic cosmetics can benefit you, the more you will be excited about using them. Find out the dangers of traditional makeup. Stay beautiful naturally and choose natural skin care products. Your skin will thank you for it.

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