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All Natural Hair Regrowth Remedies
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Do you pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars on chemical based products to "help" regrow your hair? Let me be blunt. You Should STOP! You pay so much for these "miracle grows" for your hair and what's it doing for you? Drying out your hair and scalp? Adding more chemicals to your body that aren't good for you? Not growing your hair? Of course they don't work. As a cosmetologist I was forced to sell these products and it made me feel like such a hypocrite because I don't believe in them and I don't waste my money on them! Neither should you!

Ask yourself, would you rather put all these foreign chemicals in your hair/on your body and NOT get results or would you rather use natural remedies that have been proven since ancient times? Another plus to natural and organic products is you most likely have them in your kitchen AND you are doing good for the environment. Do It Yourself home remedies are absolutely amazing and I love them.

The first place to start in the natural regrowth of your hair is with vitamins. My #1 favorite vitamin is Biotin. It can offer great value for anyone going through the discomfort and ego-drop of losing their hair. Lack of this vitamin can actually speed up hair loss. Uh oh. I also took Folic Acid during pregnancy. There is a deficiency of this vitamin during pregnancy which can be the answer to why you pregnant women are noticing a thinning up top! There are many other vitamins that play a very important role in healthy hair growth and regrowth such as: Vitamins A, B2, B6, B3 (Niacin), C, & Vitamin E. If you get a multi vitamin with significant amounts of all these vitamins not only will you be helping the healthy regrowth of your hair, but they will benefit other parts of you!

I was told in hair school that what you put in to your body will show up on the outside. Meaning it helps along with acne, conditions of the skin, and of course the appearance of your hair! A poor diet and lack of exercise is one factor in hair loss. It's like caring for plant life. You have to feed it for it to live right?! Well same goes with your hair. The better the ingredients you put in your body the better your hair and skin. Makes sense huh?!

A well balanced diet and exercise is the best thing you can do not only for your hair but for yourself. Don't you feel better about yourself after eating a healthy meal, exercising or at least drinking a glass of water? Drinking your daily dose of water will help hydrate your body including your skin, scalp, and of course the hair follicles in your scalp. Again, it's like watering a plant but from the inside. Those hair roots need nourishment too!

Let's get scientific for a minute. This is important to know when it comes to your hair regrowth. DHT! What is it you say? Sounds like a drug right?! Ok so DHT stands for Dihydrotestosterone. DHT is a natural metabolite in our bodies that is the main reason for hair loss. The Dermal Papilla is responsible for the hair growth and driving nutrients to the hair follicle for growth. DHT reaches hair follicles and the Dermal Papilla and it prevents proteins, vitamins and minerals from giving the hair follicles the needed nourishment required for healthy hair. DHT basically "chokes" the follicle causing it to "suffocate" and fall out. So nourish, nourish, and nourish to prevent that DHT from forming.

The main cause for hair loss is DHT. However, there are many other factors to help the loss of hair along. Are you losing your hair? Ask yourself: Am I stressed? Stress is another main cause related to hair loss. It is also a factor in the production of DHT. I absolutely enjoy relieving stress. They let out all that negative energy in your body resulting in feeling mentally and physically happier and being able to RELAX! Some stress relievers I enjoy are a slow yoga, writing down frustrations of my day so they aren't lingering up there in that overloaded brain, and I also like to just sit and watch a movie. Movies take you to another world. They take you on an adventure and make you forget reality for a couple hours. These are just a few ideas to relieve that stress. You can find a lot of articles and ebooks on ways to relax!

The truth is, there are so many facts and myths about hair loss. I have given a few pieces of advice on ways to get started with an at home remedy regimen. Take those vitamins! Babies need them, kids need them, teens need them, and yes You as an adult need them. A well-balanced meal plan and a few days of exercise a week! Yes, this is how we keep our bodies pumping and well maintained. Same goes for your hair. Nutrition and exercise will factor in so much with the growth and regrowth of your hair. Hydrate! Drink that water. Our bodies are 80% water. Why wouldn't you want to drink it. Your body and hair crave water. Stress relievers! Not only for your hair but for the all over health of YOU. Find a few good stress relievers and stick to them daily.

These are a few of the most important ways to get started in your natural hair regrowth remedy routine. I promise, vitamins + structured meal plan + stress relief = the solution to naturally regrowing that hair. And you won't spend near the money you would buying all those chemically charged products. You don't want those chemicals in your body so why would they be ok for your hair or skin? Try going healthy! You will benefit your mind, body, and Hair!

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