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Beauty Shortcuts For Hot Weather
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Beauty Shortcuts for Hot Weather

There are many new innovative products on sale and new routines to incorporate into your life during the hot months (and it’s still hot where I live) to make life a lot easier.

Mica is now being incorporated into sunscreens. Why is that great? Mica is a light diffuser, it has little reflective mineral particles which light reflects off of, and making your skin look smoother than it is and is forgiving even to cellulite. .

Most people are just concerned about applying sun block to areas on their body that is uncovered and feel they are protected. If you wear an average T-shirt, you are only getting ultraviolet protect fact (UPF) of 5 because the rays are penetrating the fabric. This is a company, Mot 50 which produces products that block out 97% of all UV rays. They are a bit pricy at $50 per shirt but if you are in the sun playing sports, gardening, etc. you might feel they are well worth the price. A cravat: the sun protection lasts only through 30 washes.

Wear wraparound sunglasses. Sunlight can cause earlier onset of cataracts as well as speeding up the progression of age-related macular degeneration to unprotected eyes. Wearing regular sunglasses don’t do the job. Stray light can enter from the sides and top, or if you’re lying down, from the bottom of your glasses. If you wear contact lenses, choose one that blocks at least 90% of UVA and UVB rays. Wear your shades year-round, protecting your eyes from any incidental sun damage.

Use products that contain lactic acid for dry elbows and knees, Lactic acid not only moisturizes but exfoliates as well. Using twice daily, you will be seeing results within a week. Lactic acid moisturizing products also reduce the appearance of keratosis pilaris, or little bumps. The bumps come back when you stop using the lotion, however.

Shaving can be a thankless task but who wants to be hairy in hot-weather fashions. Here again new products are cropping up to make hair removal simpler, less pain and quicker. Two products, Bliss Poetic Waxing Strips (Sephora) and Veet Ready-to-Use Wax Strips (Drugstores) warm up in your hands. No more microwave or stovetop heating. Rub between your palms, separate, press on skin in direction of hair growth, let sit for a minute, and then remove by pulling in the opposite direction. Both products come with skin smoothers to use after waxing. Regrowth of hair is slower; you are hair-free for up to 3 weeks.

If you have fine hair, as I do, shine sprays and anti-frizz serums leave my hair the next day feeling greasy because of the silicone in the products. Products without silicone can be spritzed on before you blow dry or flat iron or afterward as a touch up with no greasy residue. If you feel your hair is starting to look dull, add a glaze or gloss to your next salon cut or color, or apply at home after you color, you’ll have 4 weeks of guaranteed shine.

A make-up trick to make your face appear slimmer. Choose a matte color bronzer one shade deeper than your skin tone, suck in your cheeks, and using an eye shadow brush, apply in the hollows of your cheeks up under your cheekbones. (If you can’t find a matte bronzer pressed powder will work). Blending is the key here for a natural finish. Ensure that there are no clear lines. For a sharper jawline, using a big, fluffy brush, apply the bronzer directly under it. The darker shade minimizes the jowls.

Your nails take a beating in the summer. Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips can stand up to heavy wear. These strips are strong and adhere to nails without chipping and can last up to 10 days. Application is easy and fast, apply the strip to your nails, file off excess. There’s no drying, no fading or yellowing when exposed to UV rays. Easy-peasy.

There is an answer to every hot-weather problem. Enjoy.

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