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Homemade Beauty Products With Simple And Natural Ingredients
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Homemade Beauty Products With Simple And Natural Ingredients

An average woman uses at least 10-12 beauty products a day. These products range from hair products, skin care, make ups, and nail care. These numbers are here because human, especially women have the need to feel and look beautiful, young, and perhaps neat. As a result, billions of dollars are spent each year in order to fulfill these needs.

What can we do to tone down our budget for beauty products? Maybe the scrubs and the masks we bought didn't have to be that expensive after all. If we can be more thoughtful over what we choose to buy, we can actually make smart decisions and swap some with natural homemade product.

Mass produced beauty products come with ingredients lists that are alien to ordinary people. Most of the time, because consumers are already hooked on specific brands or products, they tend to skip reading the ingredients list (not that we even know what they are, anyway).

The benefits of creating homemade products come in here. We actually know what we put on our skin. Most people get freaked out or skeptical about the idea of putting egg yolks on their faces as masks, yet they are completely fine with putting hundreds of random chemical ingredients they don't know on their faces. This perspective has to be changed right away, because we never know when those chemical ingredients will backfire on us.

There have been numerous books and research out there that provide quality information regarding natural beauty product ingredients that provide great benefits for us when used correctly. These natural ingredients when mixed and done with the right combination can actually be as powerful as any other beauty products out there, perhaps even better because these are made with natural ingredients.

Here are some basic examples of natural ingredients that are beneficial for the skin:

- eggs; egg yolks are believed to have moistening effects, while the whites have tightening effect, more suitable for the dryer skin,

- milk for its moistening power,

- honey for smoother skin,

- cucumber for toning and refreshing,

- Aloe vera for its damage repairing effect, especially for sunburns and tanned skin, and

- lemon juice for its refreshing effect, also used for aroma in most combining.

There are too many natural ingredients to write down here. But if you can get a picture of the benefits of just some of them, you will want to reconsider your choice of products the next time you go to the department store.

Here are some examples of a quick scrub and a mask anyone can whip up in under 2 minutes:

Honey & Lemon Hand Scrub


- 1 tablespoon honey

- 1/2 cup sugar

- 1/2 tablespoon lemon juice


1. Place sugar in a bowl

2. Heat the honey for approximately 25 seconds (until somewhat dilute)

3. Mix honey and lemon with sugar, add lemon juice if mixture is too thick

4. Soak hands in lukewarm water before application

Simple Egg Mask


- 2 egg yolks (replace with egg whites for oily skin)

- 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice


1. Mix egg yolks and lemon juice, add lemon juice for better fragrance

2. Apply mask to face and neck for about ten minutes, peel mas off and rinse with lukewarm water.

They are very simple combinations with ingredients we all have at home. It wouldn't hurt trying to whip one up when you can, they can be VERY pleasurable. Happy trying!

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