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Homemade Eye Makeup Remover - A Secret Recipe?
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Homemade Eye Makeup Remover - A Secret Recipe?

Hi you guys! OK, so often times when we think of secret homemade recipes we think of food, right? Not always! Homemade eye makeup remover that combine more natural solutions to help in removing those layers of eye makeup are in fact a lot more commonly used than one might think.

Don't know much about homemade eye makeup remover? Neither did I!

That was until quite recently... just a week ago or so I was raving about a popular brand of eye makeup remover pre-moistened wipes. You know the kind I mean. Well, it was during this conversation that I quickly came to realize that so many people out there opt for alternative methods.

Methods that are healthier AND a heck of a lot more affordable...!!!

I was soon drawn to my friends' tips and opinions, and like always, I am open to trying out new things that are better for my health and better for my bank account, LOL!

1 - So one of the first homemade eye makeup remover "recipes" that I found was a combination of oils. Canola mixed with olive.

2 - Another recipe was combining baby oil or lotion mixed with the juice of a cucumber (sounds quite refreshing actually doesn't it!)

3 - Vaseline and lavender oil was another I read about, although you really want to avoid getting vaseline in the eyes as it'd be a real pain to get out - ouch!!

No matter which recipe for homemade eye makeup remover you find out there, they each typically require you to use a clean cotton ball or cotton pad in order to help remove any of the excess oils. As well, either will help you to clean along the lashes to get rid of mascara and stubborn glitter.

Trying a more natural eye makeup remover was my biggest draw, and so I went for just the olive oil solution (extra virgin is what you'll need). Some say to warm it up first, but leaving it a room temperature is just as effective. The warming of it just provides a more comforting spa-like experience I believe. It worked like a charm!!

So why go homemade, or natural?

I think that's pretty obvious, no? A homemade eye makeup remover can be the perfect solution to cleansing the eye and getting rid of all that heavy makeup all the while being better for your eye's health. How? Well, in most cases it is not going to threaten the eye by irritating it, nor cause the skin to be irritated and susceptible to an allergic reaction to some of the chemicals that can be found in drug store eye makeup remover brands.

What do you like to use? Do you have any secret beauty recipes? I'd love to hear it!

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