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How To Get Rid Of Oily Face
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How To Get Rid Of Oily Face

Nobody wants to walk around with an oily face for the rest of their life not knowing how to control it, do you? Here are the advantages and disadvantages that we have putting up with oily skin.

Advantages & What To Do

We have the advantage of looking younger and aging slower! If you love to tan that's another advantage, because it is easier for people with oily skin to get tanned faster. Our skin also camaflouges the wrinkles and fine lines making us look younger. Last is that our faces are softer and we have thick skin that doesn't get damaged easily. Here are a couple things that are important to control your oily face.

1. Wash Your Face! - It is extremely important to keep your face clean every day, but don't over wash your face or it will become dry and you will see your skin start peel and look scaley. Wash your face every morning and every night. You can find many face washes for oily skin in practically anywhere.

2. Scrub Your Face! - It is important to scrub twice a week especially for our skin type because of how thick it is. Not only does it feel great after you scrub but it opens your pores and scrubs off all the dead skin cells to renew new ones.

3. Face Masks (If you want) - If you are in the mood to do a face mask, why not? It's good for your skin and all the natural ingredients will sink in your pores making you glow and look flawless. Natural face masks are always great because not only is it affordable, but it really does brighten and help your skin.

4. Toner - A lot of people skip this process because they think its not that important, but let me tell you, a toner evens out your face so that after you wash and scrub, it will maintain your skin to not be too oily or dry. It also removes all the extra dirt and left over makeup that didn't wash off when you washed your face.

5. Moisturizer - This is something we all think shouldn't even be in our house, but guess what, we still need it no matter how oily and disgusting our face is. We need the oils in our skin to maintain a healthy glowing skin, which is why we need a moisturizer. You never want to over dry your face just because it feels better, you can be damaging it from the inside.

Disadvantages & What NOT To Do

1. DO NOT over wash your face because you think it is too oily, this can cause damage to your skin and make you break out even more.

2. DO NOT touch your face. Most people touch their face when their bored, breaking out, at school, etc. which can clog your pores and make you break out because of the germs and oil on your fingers/hands.

3. DO NOT scrub your face every day, this can make your face peel and over dry which can also make you break out because you need the oils in your skin.

I hope this helped. Thank you!

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