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Laser Freckle Removal: Zapping Freckles Away
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Freckles are brown spots that appear on the skin, especially on areas most exposed to the sun. The face, chest and shoulders are most common areas where freckles build up. They are quite harmless but they can be very unsightly if they concentrate on specific areas on the face, especially on the cheekbone and the nose area. This is particularly true with light-skinned people because the dark brown spots look like stains in an otherwise smooth and milky white skin. Brown-skinned or dark-skinned people have it better because they have built-in protection with melatonin, plus the fact that they can easily hide their dark brown spots.

Freckles, just like age spots, are caused by excessive exposure to the sun. The harmful rays of the sun damage the melanocytes in the skin. These melanocytes are the ones that help produce melanin pigment which in turn are fed into the skin cells that form the exterior layer of the skin. It serves as a protection or a barrier from the harmful effects of the sun as well as the impact caused by various conditions. When melanocytes are damage, small dark brown spots appear on the face, which are known as freckles. The severe the damage to the melanocytes, there can be a high concentration of freckles on affected areas. Some people are not bothered but the concentration of freckles in their skin, but there are also some people who are very conscious of the dark brown spots on their face. As such, they seek advice on the best treatment for freckle removal.

As with other skin conditions, there are various treatments to remove dark spots on the face. For freckles, there seems to be no better cure than laser treatment. But before undergoing this treatment, it is important to know your other options so that you and your doctor can determine the most appropriate freckle removal treatment for you. Your doctor will have to tell you the pros and cons of various treatment options. On your part, you have to take into consideration your budgetary constraint and the threshold level for pain. In cases where laser treatment is not feasible due to financial reasons, you can opt for other possible treatments such as chemical peeling, liquid nitrogen, bleaching, and topical reitnoids, to name a few. The only problem with treatments involving chemicals is that they can be uncomfortable, slightly painful, and may even cause scarring or damage to the skin.

Laser treatment seems to be the ideal option for many reasons. First of all, there is no pain and the treatment is quick. Second, laser makes use of light to zap away the freckles on the skin, and since melatonin is designed to absorb light, laser treatment is the perfect treatment. Third, freckle removal using laser treatment will only remove the unsightly dark spots on the skin without affecting the other areas of the skin not affect by the spots. That way, you don’t risk damaging unaffected areas of the skin that do not need treatment.

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