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Natural Skin Care Tips - Treating Your Skin Right Naturally And Organically!
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When it comes to skin care, we are in an age when we are being bombarded left right and centre by empty promises for more radiant skin. Magazines, television adds, and billboards all beckon you to use their ‘miracle products.’ What many of use are just realizing however, is the chemical content these ‘miracle’ concoctions are actually comprised of. Now not only do we have our aging skin to worry for. We have our entire health and well being at stake. What are we willing to risk for the sake of beauty?

Fortunately, there is another alternative. Natural and Organic skin care!

Because most of you are accustomed to your daily skin care routines it is improbable, and not very economical to suggest you throw everything out and start new. Therefore, these tested and true tips will assist in guiding you through the process of slowly converting your skin care to a more natural approach. It is important to wean slowly out of the chemically saturated trap we are sitting in, rather than let ourselves become overwhelmed by the already generous amount of information circulating the web on this topic.

So let’s get started.

Below are some tips for those of you who are new to the notion of organic and natural skin care, and are looking for a good starting point in which to navigate a healthier skin plan.

To Do List:

1. First, look at what items sit on your skin the longest, and cover the widest surface area. For many this would include products such as:




Because of the long duration on your skin these cause the biggest health concern, as it is proposed that up to 80% of what we put onto our skin is absorbed into our bodies.

Make a list of everything that touches your face in a day. From your morning wash to evening. I’m sure it’s a lot more than you may have realized (especially for the ladies).

Acquaint yourself with the most common toxins in your daily products by conducting a simple google search of ‘chemicals to avoid in cosmetics.’

Find the products that have the most chemical components in them. Consider how you may cut down on what you use, or what you are willing to try in a natural/organic version when you run out. Not sure which brands to use? Many health food stores sell certified organic skin care items, just pop in and ask about them, as they often have many pamphlets for their lines which you can read up on and learn more about.

If you are doing well with replacing products on your list, you may want to amp it up and challenge yourself by weaning off of synthetic deodorants and perfumes and switching to naturally sourced ones (such as essential oil perfumes and rock crystal deodorants).

Lastly, if you are one to soak in a warm bath after a long hard day you’ll definitely want to consider the amount of chemicals you are exposing yourself to for that duration. The increased surface area, combined with the duration of your bath, adds to the amount of toxins your body is absorbing. Instead try epsom salts with essential oils for scent, or add powdered milk for a homemade milk bath.

While I could go on and on, this little list should help get you on your feet and headed in the right direction when it comes to understanding and utilizing simple methods to using natural and organic products.

Just remember; never be to busy to go organic. Only you have the power to change your habits!

Remember, taking care of our skin and bodies is redundant if we are just slathering on a pretty pennies worth of toxins. Taking care of yourself should be a natural holistic approach. Give yourself that gift!

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